The prophecy is well-known on the internet, and of course on many television programs, and commercials that you watch everyday talk about the Mayan prophecy that on December 21, 2012 the world will end, and it’s pretty much a wrap for humanity. Without further ado we will give our readers 10 reasons why the Mayan calendar is the last thing to be worried about as the end of 2012 approaches quickly.

10. Drought


There was a recent Miami Herald article that reported prices for wheat, corn, and soybeans were on the rise Friday as the drought for the summer could repeat itself next year.

Wheat delivery for March 2012 rose 5.5 cents to $8.14 per bushel. Corn Rose 10.5 Cents, or 1.5 percent, to $7.30 per bushel. January soybeans rose 19.5 cents, or 1.3 percent, to $14.96 per bushel. Overall, prices for 3 agricultural commodities spiked over the summer as crops were damaged by a long drought through the Midwest.

The Guardian posted an article on their website about the Mississippi river facing a shipping freeze due to water levels dropping.  The worst drought in a half a century has brought water levels in the Mississippi close historic lows and could

shut down all shipping in just a matter of weeks, unless the president takes drastic measures to keep the Mississippi running.
“All the ingredients for us getting to an all-time record low are certainly in place,” said Mark Fuchs, a hydrologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) in St Louis. “I would be very surprised if we didn’t set a record this winter.”

The reason why drought has made it on to our countdown list is obvious, this will affect prices for food and fuel throughout the entire United States, which then effects the rest of the world because of the lack of exports to other countries. This is a very real threat,

and for the most part it is not looked at as something to prepare for.

 9. Earthquakes



Increased earthquake activity has taken place since 2003 and since then we have seen devastating earthquakes, such as the Sumatra earthquake in Indonesia which killed almost a quarter of a million people in one single day, here is footage of the earthquake:


Another large earthquake since 2003 was the Japan earthquake and tsunami, which killed  20,364 people:

In 2010 there was the devastating earthquake in Haiti which toook hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced families all across Haiti:

With loud booms heard across America today, and the New Madrid being considered the next big fault zone to adjust itself, it is a much bigger threat than the supposed end of the world Mayan Calendar. Earthquakes can trigger tsunami’s, volcanoes, and  building collapses, which is why it is number 9 on our list.




Even though there are people getting prepared for the world to end on December 21st 2012, there is one thing that is for certain, a major volcanic eruption could take place in our era. There was a writer who interviewed a volcanologist who had this to say:

“The threat posed by volcanoes worldwide is greatly underestimated,” he tells me. Today, he says, we ignore the fact that very large eruptions occur from time to time. It gets worse when he adds, “This size of eruption may occur on average somewhere on Earth every 200 to 500 years. It will occur again.” And then it gets much worse: “This is by no means the largest, however.” He says we can expect eruptions 10 to 20 times as powerful as the Tambora eruption, which killed 117,000 people.”

Here is an interesting video which highlights the currently active super volcanoes:


Breaking News: An explosive eruption has just took place at   Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano.  An ash plume rose 6m high with increased, and there was increased seismic  activity over the last few days.

7.Economic Collapse


The economic collapse that the world is facing is based on growth through currency creation and not production. When those who control the printing presses do not stop creating currency you have U.S national debt that is now in the trillions, and will one day have to be paid back, but it cannot be paid back if the currency is debt itself. What is taking place with the world reserve currency is a controlled collapse that is now unfolding in front of the world.

Jobs have been lost, families have been devastated and have been left out on the streets due to the well-known “liar loans”. Mortgage backed securities have set off financial bombs across the world as investors have lost everything by investing in these risky instruments of debt. The economic collapse is real, and it will continue to be something to prepare for.

6. Genetically Modified Foods

This could easily be the number 1 reason why the Mayan calendar isn’t really that frightening after all. Food is how we all survive everyday, and if something is wrong with our food supply will , something will be wrong with the entire human race.

5. Solar Storms 

There is a threat that is much bigger than the Mayan calendar, and that is a solar storm from the sun, that could knock out power and send us back to the 1900’s.  Here are a few videos that our readers might find interesting.

Here is what a famous professor has to say about a solar storm that could take place:

4. World War 3

War is profitable for those in power, and it is an ongoing trend that takes place through history. At the current time there are countries being occupied  and taken over, with their resources being depleted and used. One of the leading trends  forecasters talks about a potential world war 3 scenario which is much more of a threat than the Mayan calendar:



3. Flooding 

Worldwide flooding on coastal areas, low-lying areas, is well under way, and here is a list of videos that make the Mayan calendar look like an after thought:




2. Storms

As we all witnessed with hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and all of the recent tornadoes that have devastated many cities all across the United States and the rest of the world, storms can cause damage, floods, storm surges, power outages, food shortages, and many other unexpected events.

Storms comes in #2 on our countdown because of the different events that could take place from just 1 storm. Typhoon Bohpa was a recent example, with this storm killing over 300 people, causing many families to become homeless, along with injuries.


1. Planet X

soho image


There are many who will criticize those who talk about planet X is real, but honestly, if you don’t believe that planet X is real then why would you spend any time looking at videos about planet X and attacking that person? Who has time for that? Other then hired thugs, and those who would like to cover up the obvious, and that is: There is without a doubt something in space, causing the earth to wobble, and all of the earth changes that we have highlighted on our website, over and over again.

Here is the video that proves something is out there, and pretty soon it will be visible as it makes it’s passage:


The reason why planet X is number 1 in our countdown is because it has historical references that speak of its devastating tail of debris, and how the oceans will rise from the magnetism of this planet passing by earth, just like two magnets. There is no specific date that is given for when planet X will make its passage but there is evidence everywhere of its existence.

Blood Red Rivers & Rain:

The blood-red rain and rivers is red iron oxide dusting from planet X, do you ever notice how red the sky becomes at sunset at times. Hardly anyone talks about why the sky turns red at sunset. Here is video of the blood-red river in China and red rain in India:


Birds have been falling from the sky, due to the twisting of the earth’s magnetic field by planet X, birds, whales, bats, star fish, squid, and other animals use the magnetic field to navigate, and as the earth’s magnetic field twists, birds become confused and they drop out the sky, and marine life becomes confused and they end up beaching themselves.

As the planet made its entrance in 2003 earthquakes increased, volcanic activity is unprecedented and not normal, and because of the earths wobble due to planet x, there are increased typhoons, hurricanes, and other storms that have devastating areas all across the world.

Of course, there is an explanation for what is taking place by a woman named Nancy Lieder, who supposedly channels aliens that give her insight on planet X, many have written her off as a crazy lady, but in reality the “Zetas” (aliens) have provided us with an explanation of what is going on.

Here is video where the Zeta’s talk about the 7 out of 10 sequence:



No matter what anyone believes disasters do take place, and even though the Mayan calendar is feared by some, there are 10 other threats that are much more real, and they are affecting the earth at the current time. This is a time to be prepared, but not scared, and we will do our best to keep our readers informed of earth changes.



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