Notice how these squid came back to shore after being thrown back into the ocean, this proves our earlier point that the magnetic field is disrupted, and animals who use the magnetic field are being affected by this disruption. Either way, this is continuing to take place all across the world and it is a sign of the times indeed.

Here is a video that explains the earths magnetic field:


The Location Of Planet X

location of planet x

A recent article from poleshift.ning highlights the position of planet X, and just how close this planet might be. Here is a quote from a recent blog post:


We have described the location of Planet X since 2005 as being within the orbit of Venus and moving slowly outbound (X2-X6).  It is moving in a retrograde orbit, pushing the Earth back from when it was stopped in its orbit in 2003 in the December position (E1). It was in the September position in 2009 and then by 2012 had moved to where it will remain until the Pole Shift –  the August position. Meanwhile, the cup has tightened. Venus has pushed closer to the Earth, the Dark Twin has fallen behind the Earth and is trying to pass the Earth in their shared orbit, and the Earth’s wobble has gotten more severe and violent. It is the very crowding of these planets in the cup in front of Planet X that causes the slow pace of Planet X as it tries to move outbound away from the Sun in its retrograde orbit.
We will not detail the drama that will take place between the present and the Last Weeks, when the deadlock will suddenly be broken. At that time, Venus and the Dark Twin escape from the cup(V9, D9), allowing the final gyrations between Planet X and the Earth to begin. We have stated that Planet X will draw the Earth some 30 million miles closer to it in the Last Weeks, though this will be primarily a sideways motion, not toward the Sun (E9 –> E10).  Earth at this point is pressed as far to the left as possible, pressed into the Lean to the Left and the Severe Wobble. This does not place the Earth in danger of contact with Planet X or its Moon Swirls, as it still remains some 14 million miles from Planet X(X10-E10) and the moons in the Moon Swirls remain no further than 5 million miles from Planet X.
Where will Planet X be between the present and the Last Weeks? We have stated that Earth will not be pushed back in her orbit further than the August position, and she is there now (E7-E8). We have stated that Venus and the Dark Twin are unlikely to escape prior to the Last Weeks, though will be pressed more closely together in the cup. Both will certainly loom larger than they are at present. Planet X will progress past the orbit of Venus (X8), but not by far during this time. Just what sights and drama the poor Earth and her inhabitants will be subject to during this time is part of the 8 of 10 scenarios, which we are withholding at the present time.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 1, 2012

Only time will be able to show us all, what is going to take place, in the mean prepare for the best and hope for the worst.



The U.S Geological Survey is reporting that magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck Costa Rica today, with no reports of injuries or damages.

The USGS said the quake struck at 12:54 a.m local time, had an epicenter about two miles south-southwest of Naranjo, which is about 22 miles west of the capital of San Jose. On Tuesday there was a smaller earthquake that shook Puerto Rico. The earthquake on Tuesday was a 2.6 earthquake, which took place at about

6:30 p.m. at a depth of 5.6 miles or nine kilometers. There were no reports of damages or loss of life.



Many GNS Science Volcanologist have discovered a spiny lava dome at White Island volcano in an existing small crater formed as a result of the recent eruptions in August.

“On Monday we were able to see a spiny lava dome that has grown in a crater formed by an eruption on August 5. We were really lucky the steam was not too thick and got great views. The dome is probably 20 – 30 metres across and has spines sticking up. In more than 30 years visiting White Island I’ve never seen anything like it,”

“If you imagine a volcano is like a tube of toothpaste then a lava dome is like the congealed, dried toothpaste that has come out of the tube. It doesn’t move like a lava flow but grows from the inside as new magma comes up and pushes the already cooled magma upwards and outwards,” –


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