[dropcap type=”1″]T[/dropcap]he internet has been set a blaze with fireball reports as 120 fireball sightings have taken place for 12/28/3013. The map below reveals all of the reports for today, with once again, sound being heard for event 3238. 



705 pending fireball reports that are still under investigation by the American Meteor Society, with yesterday’s 699 reports now moving all the way up to 725 reports of fireballs being seen in the United States.

According to an eye witness from today’s fireball report, quote:

[pull_quote_center] “Heard a 7 to 8 second boom that shook my house. Friends from all over up here in at least a 12 mile radius heard it. It shook my house and theirs. Many of them saw the fireball. I did not. I even had one person say they saw and heard it in Mankato mn. Which is at least a 3 hr drive from here.” [/pull_quote_center]

Sound was heard in a separate event, quote:

[pull_quote_center]My kids and I were in the living room and all heard what sounded like thunder and looked like lightning[/pull_quote_center]

Some researchers have come to the conclusion that the influx in fireballs are due to the long tail of comet ison, as planet earth passes through the debris field in January 2014. As with many of the other fireballs that have been reported in the last few years, witnesses are noticing that this was the brightest fireball they have ever seen in their lives.

Obviously this is not normal to see the type of fireballs that are being witnessed now every other day. Will an event take place similar to the Chelyabinsk Russian meteor event which injured people and damaged thousands of buildings? Or will these fireball reports slow down?



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