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2 massive car crashes in one day due to a snow burst? Hmmmm, seems like more evidence of earth’s wobble as extreme weather increase.

According to authorities the 12 year old girl that was killed was a passenger who got out of a damaged car and was standing in the median. In the midst of the chaos she was struck by a snapped cable median barrier.

The scene was described a really bad movie, according to eye witness driver Brock Weldy. The witness said that it bagan snowing out of nowhere, and his car started to spin around in the middle of the interstate.

“I just hopped out of the car as fast as I could and ran to the side of the road, and it wasn’t even five seconds after I exited my vehicle, my car got completely smashed by the semi,” said Weldy.

The sudden burst of snow took place between 11:30 a.m and noon time. This burst of snow resulted in very icy conditions on the roads within a short amount of time. An inch of snow in grassy areas was reported in Genntown, Ohio just after noon time.

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 Unprecedented Volcanic Activity To Report For 1/22/2013

A volcano in Papua New Guinea has rumbled its way back to life, and sent plumes of ash into the sky today forcing flights to be

suspended in the area. Many locals who live near Mt Tavurvur, in East new Britain, knew something was up as they heard the volcano raor last Saturday night.

As soon as day broke, large plumes of white ash rising 500 metres in the sky where on full display.

“I can imagine for those people on the wrong side of it it wouldn’t be too comfortable because the ash is falling,” she said. –

Flights in the nearby are have been suspended indefinitely. volcanoligists say that they expect the activity to be short term.
In other volcanic activity to report, the white island volcano activity could lead to a large explosive eruption according to GNS science.

The volcano, off the Bay of Plenty coast, is the country’s most active and showed heightened sings of unrest last year.

The increased hydro-thermal activity in the last three weeks which is of “significant concern’, GNS volcanologist Brad Scott says.

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything this strong since the late 90s and 2000s.”


“The hydrothermal activity is some of the most vigorous I have seen at White Island for many years. This type of activity usually leads to stronger volcanic activity and is a significant concern,” Scott said.

“Increases in hydrothermal activity often leads to explosive eruptions and that can be quite dangerous for visitors.”

At the current time the volcano could erupt at any moment with no warning , the good news is that this volcano will not affect any residents living nearby.

At the Puyehue volcano in Chile a new eruption took place (which was small). Ash emissions reached 11,000 feet altitude.

 Seismic Activity Increases In Assumption Parish Sinkhole Disaster

Assumption parish officials say scientists have noticed an increase in seismic activity near the giant sinkhole at Bauyou Corne, Louisiana and they are concerned that it could grow even larger.

Parish emergency preparedness director John Boudreax tells the Advocate that the increase was first noticed two weeks ago.

Scientists have taken note of 80 events on Friday, but activity dropped after the sinkhole “burped” crude oil, debris and hydrocarbon to the surface on Saturday morning.

Boudreax says officials worry that something may be shifting in salt deposits just east of the failed Texas Brine cavern that scientists believe caused the sinkhole.

Company spokesman Sonny Cranch tells The Associated Press that company officials don’t know of any seismic activity since Saturday.



1 Dead In And Several Injured In An Indonesia Tremor

In Jakarta Indonesia a 14 year old girl was killed and 15 people were injured Tuesday when a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit the area on Tuesday. There was an additional 4.7 earthquake minutes later according to the U.S geological survey.

71 homes were damaged according to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency.

Dead Fish

dead fish

Freshwater fish are being left to die as shallow lakes across Victory dried out in the summer time heart. Lake Boort is now coated in a stinking layer of dead and dying carp fish.

There is an estimate of about 50 tonnes of dead fish in the and around the lake, which was dry from 2012 to 2012.





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