The fireball event which took place on 12/26/2013  started with a total of 699 reports, and finished with 1453 total reports for event 3434. Clearly this was an event where multiple residents living in the area witnessed the fireball in the sky in multiple states.

Fireball reporting has been on the rise, and that is a fact, but that doesn’t mean fireballs are on the increase. What is on the increase is the type of fireball that is being witnessed, which are green bright fireballs that look as if they are about to impact the ground. These fireball types according to reports from the American meteor society, are shaking homes, and causing loud boom noises.

Is this all just being over hyped on the internet? Or is this a real problem that will become worse? Nobody knows for sure what can happen in the future, but judging by the current events, one has to wonder what will happen next. Here is a video clip of some of the 2013 fireball events that the world has witnessed.




According to the U.S geological survey there was a 2.9 earthquake which took place near boulder City today at 5:38 a.m today. The quake was centered at 4.3 miles southeast of boulder City and about 14 miles southeast of Henderson.

The good news is that earthquake activity has been quite slow as of late, with many earthquakes measuring 5.9 or less in magnitude. Below is a list of the most significant earthquakes 5.0 or greater  for 1/1/2014:



mount sinabung

Mount Sinabung volcano has erupted 9 times with 19,000 people forced to evacuate the area as of December 31st, 2013.
Ash clouds reaching 23,000 feet in the air took place late Monday with no damages, death or injuries.

This recent eruption has caught scientists off guard because the volcano has been quiet for four centuries. – source

Wild Weather

weather bands

Cyclone Christine has torn through Western Australia’s Pilbara, lifting roofs and dropping trees. Emergency crews in the are currently working around the clock to repair some of the damage. The weather system has currently been downgraded to category one.

Water Main Breaks And Then Ices An Entire Street

Another water main break in Mission Valley Tuesday morning continued to cause issues into the evening hours, as a six-inch concrete pipe broke around 10 a.m. on Friars road. –source

Top 10 Earth Changes For 2014

2013 was an epic year for earth changes, the events seen in 2013 were nothing to fear but something to be aware of. One trend we noticed in 2013 were the string of water main breaks, which left some families without running water in many cases, so having a plan on how you would handle that type of situation can be a smart solution. Water beds can be a great idea, as the can store enough water to last you for some time until the water is back on, or some other arrangement is made.

Another trend was volcanic eruptions, having an evacuation plan or way to keep ash out of your lungs is a great way to go. Looking into silver lungs products can be beneficial for breathing health.


Power outages were one of the biggest trends in 2013 and 2014 will continue to be something to watch for. Batteries, lanterns, radios, and solar power energy options can work wonders for a family that has been left out in the cold by mother nature. How will you stay warm if the power goes out? How will you stay cool if the power goes out? Will there be enough gasoline available to keep generators running long enough?

Another solution for a power outage could be a crank generator which you don’t have to worry about gasoline. One of the main things we will be watching in 2014 are plate movements, and magnetic field disturbances, as these two topic can help us keep track of large earth changing events.

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