What’s interesting about UFO’s is that as soon as you start talking about it in a serious way, most people will not even entertain it as something serious to talk about. The universe is an extremely large place, it wouldn’t surprise the earthshiftx team if there were UFO’s that watch us.

Nancy Lieder

Nancy lieder is the owner of and she mentions how she has come in contact with UFO’s, and how one of the aliens she speaks with (Zeta’s) was about 12 foot tall cockroach, which is really strange when you think about it.

Nancy has a huge following on her website and what’s interesting is that her predictions have been pretty accurate.

Nancy Lieder did an interview with George Noory, talking about the existence of planet x, and what the Zeta’s tell here about planet x.

She mentions how the Zeta’s put crop circles into the ground to warn us of it’s coming approach, and how bad things could get. Here is one of the recent video interviews that you can check out here:

Coast To Coast is one of our favorite radio shows, which informs you, and also talks about things that most radio show’s are not willing to talk about. Of course, there are other radio shows, however, some of them are not as informative as we like to see.

Ancient UFO’s

When you think about a UFO you might not think about ancient UFO’s, when you ask most people what do they think about when you say the word “alien” they might tell about one of their favorite alien movies, or maybe talk about roswell New Mexico, and what actually took place.

Did you know that the ancient Sumerian culture depicted aliens in their ancient glyphs, and artworks? Here is an image of what looks to be a spaceship, from thousands of years ago:

ancient ufo's

If you notice the right hand side of the glyph you will see what looks to be some type of spaceship, and then you will see a helicopter on the top left, which is fascinating when you think about the potential possibilities for what the ancient Sumerians knew about, so much for the wright brothers being the originators of flight.

UFO’s In Art

Do you see that black dot in the sky? Here is a Painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino, with what looks to be some type of  UFO in the background, with someone looking up in the sky in awe, just below this UFO in the sky. It’s interesting to see something like this, especially from ancient cultures and artworks.

Crop Circles

crop circles

These mysterious crop circles have shown up pretty much overnight in some locations, some people believe it is some one playing a hoax, but if it was a hoax how could these crop circles virtually form overnight?

It remains to be seen if there is technology that can allow someone to create crop circles, that we just don’t know about. If that is the case, what is the purpose of creating crop circles? Wouldn’t be a complete waste of time to make designs in empty fields?

What do you think of crop circles? 





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