A moderate but strong 2.7 Charleston Missouri earthquake struck on the New Madrid seismic zone struck today at a depth of  8km.  For the month of January 2014 there were a total of 46 earthquakes in the new madrid zone.

Here’s what has us the most concerned about the New Madrid area earthquake numbers, in January 2014  there was a record breaking 25 earthquakes for the entire month. In January 2015 we have almost doubled that that total with 46 earthquakes ! 

new madrid, seismic zone, missiouri


This simple statistic should be all over the large news networks but it is not, and that does not surprise those of you who are aware of the main stream media deceptions.

Not only have earthquakes increased,  but so has the strength of the earthquakes in the New Madrid zone.


A strong 4.8 earthquake was felt in Baja California at a shallow 2km in depth.There were no reports of damages to buildings in both earthquake events for today.

We’ll be back for a full update in a moment, thank you for subscribing to our youtube channel and website through this difficult time, as we make it through this transition period ending in April 2015.

Stay tuned….

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  1. Have purchased and inetallsd the E-Quake app, Exactly the type of app I want Thanks!However two issues which hopefully will be addressed.1. The semi-transparent background available is a fantastic idea and critical for me. However it always disappears within a few minutes, leaving if I can see it, the print. Can this be fixed so that the background (if chosen) stays?2. So far it seems that 90% of the earthquakes shown are on the US. Is the tool US-centric? Can this be changed or made an option??Thanks again.David