Ohio Map collage
Ohio National Guard Drills


Date: June 17th 2015

Located at the Ohio Fire Academy in Columbus, a training exercise will take place simulating a train derailment, test the skills of emergency responder and civil agencies, decontamination, medical triage, and search extraction.

National guard from 5 other states, FBI, and local first responders and other agencies will participate in the drill. The drill is apart of Operation Guardian Shield ’15, which is a multi-state drill which will be held across Ohio. –source

The flooding that will take place after the poleshift will leave many migrating to the Appalachian mountains. The rising oceans from the melting poles will eventually make the city of unlivable. –read more

richmond, vir

Hospital Holding Mass Casualty Drill

Location: Richmond ,Virginia
Date: June 18th 2015


According to the news article:

“Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of activity at Chippenham Hospital on Friday morning: emergency responders are participating in a full-scale emergency exercise.”

Richmond Fire, Richmond and Henrico Police Bomb Squads, Richmond

Ambulance Authority, Boy scouts of America, Chesterfield Fire & EMS, Goochland
Fire & EMS, Forest View Volunteer Rescue Squad, Lakeside Volunteer Rescue
Squad, and 17 member Hospitals from Central Virginia Health Care Coalition.

The drill will simulate a mass casualty event and is meant to evaluate response time and
plans. source

According to the poleshift map , during the week before rotation stoppage , many along coastal towns and inland bays will try to escape by boat to cooler places due to the long day. read more

denver, colorado,

Blackhawks Buzz Over Denver

Date: June 18, 2015

Location: Denver,CO

Pilots from the Army National Guard will be landing around the city,  including University of Colorado hospital.

The UCH hospital is one of the closest in the event of major floods, wildfires
or other emergencies. source

Denver is known for having a very large underground city, and the Denver airport is behind the highest mountain ranges of the United States.


State Orders Larger Evacuation During Millstone Emergency Drill

Date: June 17 2015

Location: Norwich CT

During an emergency drill state officials decided that a  larger area around Millstone Power Station should be evacuated to protect residents from a radiation release plant.

The drill began teams fanned out a 10 mile emergency evacuation one around the waterford plant to measure radiation levels. source

The last article tells the story pretty clear, that there is a disaster coming to the United States:

The army corps of Engineers is looking for civilian employees to serve in Disaster stricken areas of the United States for a maximum of four years. read job listing here

  • The working conditions will be “extremely austere

Of course we could go on and on with the emergency drills being held, with some being routine but some not so routine. The build up for a natural disaster is reaching a crescendo , and has been taking place for decades.

Combine these drills with the current changes to the earth, sky, and other planets, and we have some interesting times ahead.

Just like many of the organizations are holding drills it is good to have your own set of drills in the event of a major catastrophe.


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