Over 243 fireballs have been reported for the past two days alone, and clearly, the earth is going through a very dense part of space, or something is hurling these fireballs our way.

Notice how these fireball reports are not located in the east coast of the United States, but in the opposite location.


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Here is just one of the many things the residents living in the area had to say about the fireball:

“Was by far the longest lasting meteor I have ever seen” – Greg W

According to the American Meteor Society:

“A preliminary trajectory plot shows the meteor entered over the southeastern Washington and ended near the Pacific coast west of the Seattle-Tacoma area.”

The string of fireballs simply has not slowed down, and looks to be on the rise in 2013, and if this continues, obviously the public will be begin to demand answers . Keep in mind, there are millions of space rocks that can hit earth, and go undetected.

Comet Ison Countdown

We find it interesting the comet ison is making it’s approach, and we are having many fireball reports as well, could these events be connected? Here is a video that you might find interesting about comet ison.

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Strong 6.6 Earthquake Shakes Taiwan


Other nearby tremors which occurred after the earthquake in Taiwan, was the 6.0 in the Taiwan Strait, and a 5.8 Near the coast of Fujian China. Another significant earthquake took place in Antofagasta Chile, which measured 5.2 in magnitude.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake took place in the Kuril Islands.

 Power Outages

 1,600 people have been left without power in Salt Lake City Utah today, with power restored by 3:00 Pm. Yesterday there was a power outage in Columbia county, which lasted for over 3 hours  8,500 customers. 500 customers were without power, and a traffic light went out north of M-59 between Latson and Argentine roads today.

Over 100 Sinkholes Found In Bohol 

The Mines adn Geosciences Bureay MGB has located over 100 sinkholes in the southwestern part of the quake rattled Bohol area located in the Philippines.


Breaking News! 70 More Reports Of Fireballs Have Been Reported For AMS Event 2677




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