A magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck the New Madrid seismic zone yesterday, which is the strongest earthquake in this area in over 1 1/2  years. There is a current report from kfvs12 network saying that people in the area felt their house shake and pictures fell off their walls. source

The new Madrid earthquake comes just one day after the large 7.0 earthquake which struck along the Indo- Australian plate.

Another important note, 28 minutes before the 3.1 earthquake in the new Madrid seismic zone, there was a 4.6 in the Papua New Guinea area near the  indo-Australian plate. This is not the larger version of the 9.0 earthquakes that are expected in the future, however this is a significant sign.

There is a clear pattern of earthquakes in Indonesia, and then earthquakes that occur near the north american plate. For example, today there was also a magnitude 5.4 earthquake which struck in Molibagu, Indonesia , and a little over an hour later a 2.7 earthquake struck in Lakeview Oregon.

earthquake, domino

Of course this pattern happens over and over again, and this all begins with the strong earthquakes in Indonesia.  There was a 5.4 earthquake which struck Indonesia today , with one report of ground shaking in the city of Minahasa Indonesia. Then once again we had a 2.7 earthquake strike in Nevada U.S.A just over an hour later.




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