It has been a very interesting 48 hours, with 3 6.0 or higher earthquakes taking place, and an additional 5.8 magnitude quake in Calama, Chile. If any of these earthquakes took place in densely populated areas, it would be all over the mainstream news channels. Those interested in earth changes will be glad to see, that there are places that you can find out about the recent earthquake news, and what is taking place on mother earth.

What’s interesting about the earthquake that took place on October the 8th, 2012 is that could have been downgraded from a 6.0 earthquake by the USGS. Here is a snapshot of the recent earthquake activity, from the U.S Geological Survey.


On September the 9th, 2012, there was a 7.3 at San Agustin, Colombia which marks another significant quake in just the last week and a half. Once again, earthquakes will be something to watch within the next few weeks. Will earthquakes pick up in terms of frequency, and intensity?

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