Earthquake Activity

Earthquake swarms have been the story of the day at many of the worlds volcanoes, and in February there was no shortages of significant earthquakes to jolt mother earthquake.

Today, a magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit one mile southeast of Loma Linda at 3:17 p.m on Monday. Anthony Guarino, a seismic analyst at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, mentioned that rattling appeared to be in aftershock of last weeks 3.6 magnitude earthquake in the same area.

“They’re really close to each other,” Guarino had to say. The earthquake was 9 miles in depth, the U.S Geological Survey stated. According to Guarino the

tremors are in geologically complicated areas where the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults meet.

“If we have anymore of them, it wouldn’t be considered an aftershock, it would be considered a swarm,” he said.

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Another small earthquake was recorded early this morning in south central Oklahoma, the U.S Geological survey reported. The epicenter of the earthquake took  place at a depth of 3 miles, as preliminary data from the USGS reveals.

Earthquake activity has been increasing in Oklahoma, and many seismologists state that waste-water disposal wells used by energy companies could be responsible for the seismic activities in the region.

Swarms of earthquakes have also taken place in Sun Vally and Spanish Springs on Sunday. The largest earthquake magnitude was 1.7, with 5 of the earthquakes measuring

1.0 or higher and 17 total. “Earthquakes of this size are typically too small to be felt,” which the lab website has stated.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that it has had no earthquake related calls in the region.

Volcanic Activity

The Stromboli volcano in Italy has no significant changes in activity and no new lava flows have taken place. The tremor signal fluctuates between low to medium and high levels. Explosions signals are weak at the time. In Kamchataka, the Tolbachik currently has no significant changes in the ongoing eruption.

Tremors continue to be strong and lava still erupts form the southern fissure area. In Central Mexico, the Popocatepetl volcano was

producing a constant plume of steam and gas drifting to the southeast, interrupted bya few small to moderate sized ash explosions.

The Fuego volcano in Guatemala has continuous eruptions with the near constant explosions reaching some 300 meters above the crater and also creating constant avalanches as well as rumbling noises. There is currently an ash plume reaching 1300 meters in the direction of the Trinidad canyon, and 200 meters southwest towards the Taniluya canyon, respectively.
Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is producing low level ash emissions which drift W-North West, Incandescent block have been seen rolling down to the upper flank for about 300 meters, along with light ash fall was reported from the areas of Penipe and El Manzano.


Plague Of Locusts In Egypt

30 million locusts hit Egypt and agricultural farms in Gaza, in what looks like a scene straight out of a bible.

The Agricultural Minister Salah Abad Almoman said the swarm is comprised of an estimated 20 million insects and was causing great

damage. 30 million locusts hit Egypt and agricultural farms in Gaza, in what looks like a scene straight out of a bible.

The Agricultral Minister Salah Abad Almoman said the swarm is comprised of an estimated 20 million insects and was causing great



Of course this was not he only recent event of locusts in Egypt, in 2004 there was one of the most serious infestations of locusts, when farmers in 15 out of the country’s 27 governorates suffered extensive crop damage. The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement saying it had set up task forces to deal with the locust plague.

A professor at Cairo University’s Faculty of Agriculture said the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations warned of the locust danger last November, but the Ministry of Agriculture dismissed the warnings as rumors and reused to examine the issue.



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