Conspiracy, theory, lies, probability, truth, half truth’s, there are a lot of theories out there on the internet. Some people believe that the H.A.R.P program is causing many of the earth changes that we all see on a daily basis. Some believe it is a spirit being that is causing disasters and taking lives on a daily basis. Others believe we are going through a natural process, in which the earth is about to reset itself and change again, just as it has changed in the past.

Major corporations and media would like for you to believe that man made global warming is causing the increased earth changes, and that we all need to pay a new carbon tax in order to stop the terrible problem that humans created, supposedly.

Instead of theories, or probability, we will do our best to stick with what we can prove so far, and all of the facts that that are at hand when it comes to earth changes.

Fact #1 Earthquakes Are Increasing 

Even though there are more earthquake monitors than ever before, and earthquake increases have happened in the past, we are currently going through a time when earthquakes are on the rise. This is not to say that earthquake increases are not normal on planet earth. Here is video proof, that we are currently in that current phase at the time:


In the 1990’s alone, you would never here about an earthquake taking hundreds of thousands of lives in a single day, such as the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Sumatra earthquake in 2004. One of the largest threats to watch for in 2013 and beyond is the New Madrid fault zone, where recently activity has been on the rise, and with a sinkhole that has formed in Assumption Parish, a combined disaster could be in the making.

Here is a list of magintude 5.0+ or greater earthquakes from the U.S Geological survey:

Lat Lon D
5.0 103km ENE of San Isidro, Philippines 10.422°N 126.922°E 35.0
5.2 121km NNE of Dartang, China 32.847°N 94.706°E 37.1
5.3 263km WNW of Bandon, Oregon 43.566°N 127.598°W 10.2
5.4 89km NE of San Isidro, Philippines 10.558°N 126.684°E 46.0

Fact #2 Epic Flooding Is Taking Place Across The Globe

From Australia, Indonesia, Louisiana, Florida, and parts of Africa, flooding is taking place that is simply unprecedented. Here is the recent news out of Queensland, Australia on flooding:

quensland australia


Here is video of the devastating floods that have hit the area, courtesy of Russia Today:

The flooding that is taking place in the Queensland area is the worst flooding in 40 decades, and not only are large parts of Australia experiencing flooding there are also parts of the United Kindom that are flooding as well, as shown below:


Fact #3 Volcanic Activity Has Increased 


If you would like to find out what are the most recent volcanoes that are erupting, you can click on the enlarge button on the right hand side of our website and begin clicking on the triangle shaped icons to see the volcanic activity for yourself.


Today, eruputive activity has started at the Bocca Nuova crater and it is strongly increasing.


Fact #4 Extreme Weather Is Taking Place


Global warming will always be debated, but one thing we cannot debate is that fact that strange weather, and record breaking temperatures are taking place across the globe. Just recently, Australia received a heat index of 115 degrees, which is record breaking for the area. Extreme cold temperatures have affected areas such as Europe:


No matter what the opinion is, the facts remain a constant, we are experiencing times in which we have never lived for before. Family preparedness is very important just in case a disaster that takes place. Here is a video that will help our readers get started with preparing for the worst:


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