What has taken place in just the last 4 days alone is simply incredible, the plates of the earth are shifting, massive flooding occurring in places such as Venice Italy, Africa, and Indonesia. And significant earthquakes taking place one after another.

Here is a chart from the USGS.gov website which reveals some of the quakes that have taken place recently, with some of these earthquakes being downgraded:

6.0 Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 45.744°S 77.142°W 9.7
6.4 248km S of Cape Yakataga, Alaska 57.544°N 142.889°W 55.2
6.5 30km WSW of Champerico, Guatemala 14.164°N 92.167°W 27.0
6.8 52km NNE of Shwebo, Myanmar 23.014°N 95.883°E 9.8
6.3 186km SSW of Port Hardy, Canada 49.185°N 128.528°W 16.6
7.4 35km S of Champerico, Guatemala 13.987°N 91.965°W 24.1

A shallow 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit just off the coast of Aisen, Chile. No tsunami warnings were triggered because the earthquake was not that strong in magnitude. This is the fourth significant earthquake to strike the earth in 48 hours.

Here is a chart from the USGS which shows the earthquakes that have struck shortly after the 6.0 earthquake:

4.3 9km E of Carlos Fonseca Amador, Nicaragua 11.965°N 86.421°W 140.6
4.9 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 29.717°N 42.599°W 10.1
4.8 116km WSW of Abepura, Indonesia 3.006°S 139.602°E 48.4
4.8 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 29.839°N 42.795°W 10.1
4.8 60km SSW of Champerico, Guatemala 13.768°N 92.054°W 36.4
5.1 132km S of Masset, Canada 52.823°N 132.006°W 9.8
6.0 Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 45.744°S 77.142°W 9.7

A video that we found to be very important to understanding the sequence of events that is about to take place can be watched below. Take note that this is one of the most important videos to understanding what is going on right now, as we are getting the feeling that something very big is on the horizon, and unfortunately it doesn’t look good.


This is a lot of information to take in one setting, so take your time and go through the links found on that youtube video source link.

Breaking News:

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake in  Delianuova, Italy. We have always mentioned that if planet X was about pass by earth, you would see an increase in volcanic activity, earthquake activity, flooding, mudslides, strange weather, and a host of events that are well under way.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best ,as things are intensifying on our planet.

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