Earthquake Activity

Just about every day the earth is being hit by magnitude 6.0+ earthquakes, with some of the earthquakes being downgraded by the U.S Geological survey. What’s interesting about the 6.2  earthquake in Tokyo is that there is no word from the U.S Geological Survey about the earthquake.

The following is a list from the U.S geological survey, showing magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes with no indication of the 6.2 earthquake that took place today, let’s hope this was a mistake.



The good news about the 6.2 earthquake that jolted eastern Japan on Monday did not generate a tsunami, which was good news.

According to the U.S Geological survey the earthquake measured 5.7 so that is why we don’t see a 6.2 earthquake on their live feed.

The quake shook buildings in Tokyo, but there were no reports of injuries, damages or loss of life.

Volcanic Activity

There is a continuous volcanic tremors at the White Island volcano in New Zealand, there is no unusual activity at the surface of the volcano.

At the Sangay Ecuador volcano, there are reports from pilot observations of ash emissions to 25,000 ft in altitude on the 22 of February. The volcano is very remote and one of Ecuador’s most active, it is fair to assume that it might be in a state of elevated activity.

In Heard Australia in the Southern Indian Ocean, A Modis hot spot was visible yesterday at the summit of the volcano, despite the usual dense clouds. This is a leading indicator that activity is continuing at the volcano.


Incredible Video From NASA 


The reason why this video is important is because according to NASA, it combined three out of three possible events: a solar flare, coronal mass ejection, and coronal rain. Now that we have entered into the solar maximum what other displays will we see from the sun?

Blizzard Conditions Shut Down 400 Miles Of  I-40

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Heavy snow fall in Wichita and Kansas has swept through the area, as travel on the roads and in the air will likely be brought to a standstill. Two to four inches per hour have fell, and wind gusts have reached as high as 50 to 50 mph in some locations, which is leading to dangerous drifting, and whiteouts. Earlier today there were reports of 58 mph wind gust in San Angelo Texas, and high winds caused power outages in Midland, Texas.

 A Dramatic In Methane Gas Release On The Sea Floor 

Mass animal deaths have become more and more common as of late, and there have also been news reports on bird falling out of the sky all of the sudden, without warning. It is a possibility that the mass fish deaths that we have seen as of late is due to a release in methane leakage on the Arctic sea bed according to scientists.

“Methane release from the East Siberian Shelf is underway and it looks stronger than it was supposed [to be],” he said.

Professor Semiletov has been studying methane seepage in the region for the last few decades, and leads the International Siberian Shelf Study (ISSS), which has launched multiple expeditions to the Arctic Ocean.” –


Methane can also have fatal affects on humans, and the article from the website goes on to say that increased global warming could be possible if conditions worsen. We will leave the global warming, climate change issue up for debate later, but the fact of the matter is that these methane releases could be one of the main events that are causing the mass animal deaths. Now the question remains, what is causing all of the pressure to come out of the seabed, breaking the ocean surface?

Robert S. Harrington And Planet X


Robert S Harrington was a well known researcher on planet X, when irregularities in Uranus and Neptune were observed in space. His official death explanation was due to a heart attack. He didn’t die mysteriously, but there are other planet X astronomers that died all of the sudden due to unexplained mysteries, here is video on the different dead astronomers:


Robert S Harrington created several pages of research, which you can click here to read, where he gave a high probability that there could another planet in our solar system. Whether or not this planet would cause devastation and chaos is not brought to light in the papers, from what we have read so far, but it will be interesting to see what other dead astronomers have found about the existence of planet x.

From our perspective, if they were murdered so they wouldn’t warn the public early on, then they may have something interesting that they wrote about, so over the next few months we will look over their work, and try to see what we can dig up.

What’s interesting is that in July 29th 2005, NASA did publish an article stating that the 10th planet was discovered, and was larger than Pluto according to Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology who announced the discovery of the new planet in our outer solar system. You can read the full article here:

So that is confirmation that it is out there, now the big question, will this thing cause chaos and mass devastation? Well, that is what the ancients have spoken about, and as stated earlier we experiencing earth changes on a massive scale, that it is difficult to report on everything that is taking place.

We will be back with a special report on Mr Harringtons work, and much more.

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