A strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Avalon California on Friday morning, then a second earthquake measuring 4.7 took place. Here is what many residents in the area had to say about the earthquake:

“Been through many, this was the longest feeling one, my 2nd story 100-year-old apt, the floor swayed and twisted. In Hillcrest they’re saying they felt a strong seemingly long quake. Inglewood says “It was crazy it didn’t wake me up but the dog did. Pico Rivera, say they felt a subtle sway and shake. Lamp and windows shook. Coronado witnesses say nothing fell off walls but certainly the house shook. Here in San Diego, just felt my couch shaking from that quake a little while ago… very eerie! Folks in La Jolla say they felt a gentle shake. Spring Valley witness says it woke her up. An Anaheim witness told us she was awake for odd reason then started feeling the earthquake. She says it frightened.”

We find it interesting that there was a downgrade from magnitude 6.1 to 4.7 by the, this was a very large downgrade.

BREAKING NEWS:  A magnitude 2.5 earthquake has just struck at the Yellowstone national park with no reports of damages or loss of life. This is yet another sign of increased volcanic activity, as our most recent volcanic report highlighted.

More Loud Mystery Booms

Over a period of the last week, the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency was flooded with calls and reports from residents hearing loud

booms. As of Tuesday at 12:17 Monday afternoon, the calls poured in once again. Some callers mentioned that their house was shook by the blast. So what is causing these mysterious booms? And why is this happening in what seems to be a line stretching across the United States?

For the answer we are going to quote the Zeta’s and Nancy Lieder:

“We have described the N American bow as one where the tip of Mexico moves west while the top of the continent at Alaska and Canada remains in place. This pulls the entire continent into a bow shape which can only be relieved by the New Madrid adjustment, tearing the continent at a diagonal so that that the southwest of the US and Mexico move west and down while lands east of the Mississippi are torn away. In the meantime, the stress of the bow is pulling the St. Lawrence Seaway apart where resistance is slight. As we have mentioned, Wisconsin is pulling apart, and the rock strata there allows separation readily.

It is no surprise that a crevasse on the Michigan peninsula has been joined by booming in towns to the south as rock snaps in a diagonal line toward Mexico. Mexico very recently had an adjustment at its tip, driving the tip over the Cocos Plate. The land having moved westward, adjustments moved up along the coast.  The Baja coastline affected literally touches the San Andreas fault line. It is no surprise likewise for these bow adjustments to occur almost simultaneously. On March 18 Clintonville began booming. On March 20 Chiapas at the tip of Mexico adjusted. On March 20 the Clintonville booms moved down diagonally to Montello. On March 28 the Baja beach disappeared. And on April 1 the Clintonville booms moved along diagonally to Baraboo. Most definitely related!”

Could this most recent boom become a precursor to the New Madrid adjustment?

Meteor Falls Into The Sea In Turkey 

 One of the stories that we missed took place on 12/11/2012, apparently a meteor fell out of the sky in Turkey. Here is the video below:

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