There was a violent 6.4 earthquake that struck the Vanuatu region on Saturday/Sunday. The earthquake was 21.2 miles deep leaving many seismologist worrying about

the potential for a tsunami to form in the sea. As the USGS reports, a magnitude 6.0+ earthquake could potential cause a tsunami to form at seas, and cause loss of life and property.
At the current time there is no report of damages, loss of life or injuries. As reported earlier  Alaska has seen it’s share of earthquakes over the weekend and they

don’t appear to be slowing down at the time. In other earthquake news, a magnitude 2.6 has just struck Niland, California,

a 4.5 hit Iran just 3 hours ago, 4.6 in Romania, Hawaii received a few mild earthquakes today, and Indonesia was also hit with a 4.6 earthquake. Only time will tell what could happen next as we move into 2013, granted, there will

be more earthquakes to take place.



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