When you  research and report, you go through a lot of emotional high’s and lows. Honestly, I just want to know the truth behind a lot of things that happen, and sometimes you get this bad feeling of something happening, and it causes you to take precautions.

To cut a long story short, I had to close my previous YouTube account because of threats to my well being. I am going to be updating on some new information I’ve been studying in regards to nibiru/planet x and earth changes.

Today, let’s look at this powerful earthquake in Indonesia and see if we can draw connections using numerology, evidence and intuition.

This article will start off confusing, but what I’m doing is laying out all of the numbers and connections and drawing a conclusion based on the evidence.

Numerology Behind The 6.5 in Indonesia

I want to start by saying that for anyone who has lost someone,  I’m sorry for your loss.

Numerology is not for everyone, but the powers that be use numerology to link events to numbers.

For example the highest degree in the Scottish Rite of freemasonry is 33, and there was a Freemason lodge that was 33 minutes away from the recent fire in Oakland California.

When you take 3+3 = 6 , six is our root number which represents a lack of harmony as well. Just remember 33 is just one of the numbers that are used in numerology.

Nikola Tesla, mentioned that his inventions can cause earthquakes, and of course the Freemason controlled U.S government has control over this weapon.

So with this in mind, let’s look into this earthquake to see if we can draw a connection. I’ll be using Pythagorean numerology, gematria, and basic addition to find root numbers.

The earthquake was a powerful 6.5 (E = 5 | 6 = F letter of the alphabet)  in magnitude , using Pythagorean numerology which is one of the oldest forms of numerology “Sixty Five” = 49.

  • Haarp Weapon = 49 in Pythagorean numerology

According to earthquake researchers, 10km in depth matches the H.A.A.R.P pattern for earthquake depth.

When looking at the date numerology I added 1+2+6+2+1+6 = 18, root number is 1+89 =.  Some of the ancient cultures feared changes when 9 showed up.

  • 12 + 6 + 20 +16 = 54 Root number is 5+4 = 9
  • The reflection of 54   is 45, Wicca magic = 45, Edgar Cayce = 45, Albert Pike(33 degree Freemason) = 45.

When you add the date 12+6+ 16 = 34  with the root number 3+4 = 7/end of a cycle. 

  • Two suns = 34
  • Nemesis = 34 in Pythagorean numerology
  • The reflection of 34 is 43 , Hercolubus = 43 , Illuminatus(latin name for illuminati) = 43

Sumatria Indonesia = 66 in Pythagorean numerology:

Write out “Thirty Three” and that equals = 66, and that is the number that represents the highest degree of freemasonry.

When add the two S exceptions in “Sumatra Indonesia” 66+ 9 + 9 = 84(8+4/12/3), Carlos munoz ferrada = 84. Carlos Munoz Ferrada Triangulated three points for increased Seismic activity with Indonesia being one of the main points.

Sumatra starts with S, S or Schin in Hebrew represents the Element of fire , Indonesia is located along the earths most active area for earthquakes, the ring of fire.

Isn’t it interesting that that Sumatra, Indonesia sums to = 66 = 6+6 = 12 = 1+2 = 3 , and Mr. Ferrada mentioned three points of triangulation.

Also, the pyramids of Egypt are within this triangulation of three points, having 3 angles, not coincidence ladies and gentlemen.

Indonesia = 45/9 in Pythagorean numerology, the reflection 54 matches the same date that the earthquake took place

  • 12 + 6 + 20 +16 = 54 Root number is 5+4 = 9/ 9 is the initiation into a new cycle.

Sumatra = 21 in Pythagorean numerology, 2+1 = 3 as the root number.

CNN News Report


According to Emsc earthquakes the original longitude of the quake was 96.11 E,  Satanism = 96 in simple gematria, Freemason = 96 in Pythagorean numerology.

Spokesman Sutopo Purwo = 55 in Pythagorean numerology, adding the S exception 9 +55 = 64. The S letter in his first name represents the 19th letter of the alphabet , the 9 makes the S very dramatic , which makes a good actor.

The date numerology for this earthquake included the number 18, spell out “Eighteen” = 46 in Pythagorean numerology, the reflection of 64.

  • Haarp Weapon = 55 in Pythagorean numerology! Coincidence? 5X5 = 25 just like the reflection of the spokesman Sutopo(52/25).

What does this mean? The name of the spokesman links up to the date of this earthquake event happening. This tells me is that this could have been scripted for him to speak on this date before  the earthquake struck.

  • Write out “Fifty Five” = 54 in Pythagorean numerology, which syncs with the date of the earthquake numerology.
  • Prophecy = 52 in Pythagorean numerology

Sutopo = 52 which is the number of prophecy , 25 the reflection of 52 equals frmsn (no vowels in ancient lettering) = 25.

When I mention the reflection, think about looking down at water in a river and seeing your reflection, it may not look exactly like you but it is similar, just like words.

Purwo = 30 in Pythagorean numerology , Crisis actor = 30 , Nemesis = 30. Looking at the first letter of his last name P, Pé, means mouth in Hebrew, and he is the speaker/spokesman.

  • Multiply the magnitude of the earthquake(6.5), 6×5 = 30 as well!
  • 6/5 = 1.2 or can be written 12 , just like December 2016 and December 2004 boxing day earthquake and tsunami.
  • December = 12th month 1+2 = 3, the recent earthquake happened in December 1+2 = 3, combine these two numbers, and you get the highest degree in the Scottish rite of freemasonry = 33.

I’m looking at the full name of the spokesman being a more accurate representation of the words sharing the same numerology.

We Have To Move Fast” = 65 in Pythagorean numerology, and this matches the magnitude of the earthquake(6.5).

Ok, I’m not saying nobody died in this event, but “We have to move fast” sounds like a potential crisis actor to me. The event was real but the actor officials could have been playing their role.

52 people were killed  according to CNN, 52 is the number of prophecy and matches the last name of spokesman Sutopo.

73 people were injured seriously,  Earthquake weapon = 73 in Pythagorean numerology. 7+3 = 10 matching the original depth of this 6.5 earthquake :

Once again H.A.A.R.P is associated with that 10km in depth, just saying.

CNN went on to report on Pidie Jaya = 44(kill in simple Gematria), the hospital that was damaged. 4+4 = 8 representing the cycle of life, also, the earthquake struck below(Lower circle)  and affected the building above (Upper circle).

  • 73 is the 21st prime number, Sumatra = 21
  • 7×3 = 21 as well

When we count the number of days , hours, months, and years between the boxing day tsunami of 2004  12/26/2004 – 12/6/2016

4+3+5+9 = 21 , this number syncs back to Earthquake weapon(73), which is the 21st prime number. 11:11 coding is used in many occult magick rituals and ceremonies of Lucifer circles.

1+1+1+1+6 = 10 , remember the 6.5 earthquake struck at 10km according to emsc:

Add 6+5 = 11, which is the same amount of years and months between these two events.

Based on the numerology we can see that the coding is directly favoring this being a controlled earthquake event.  Earthquake weapons are real, and the world powers have access to this advanced technology, and they will not share it with humanity.

Dutchsense on H.A.A.R.P


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