A very strong 6.6 earthquake hit the Solomon Islands, with an additional 6.1 & 6.2  earthquakes according to the U.S Geological Survey. Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or higher earthquakes for 2/7/2013 using the U.S Geological Survey feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.1 22km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.901°S 165.738°E 25.5
5.1 22km SE of Ambunti, Papua New Guinea 4.377°S 142.992°E 97.8
5.0 22km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.909°S 165.773°E 10.0
5.2 20km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.855°S 165.706°E 10.0
5.5 21km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.872°S 165.717°E 10.2
5.0 33km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.983°S 165.677°E 9.9
6.6 36km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.001°S 165.658°E 10.0
5.1 58km S of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.238°S 165.921°E 14.2
5.0 42km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.010°S 165.587°E 35.0
5.0 116km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.028°S 164.816°E 10.1
5.1 73km W of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.823°S 165.173°E 10.2
6.1 123km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.025°S 164.750°E 10.0
5.1 76km ENE of Hihifo, Tonga 15.586°S 173.142°W 9.9
5.3 46km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.972°S 165.492°E 10.0
5.0 135km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.669°S 165.050°E 35.0
5.2 110km W of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.636°S 164.823°E 52.0
5.2 164km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.819°S 164.824°E 34.2
5.1 155km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.667°S 164.782°E 35.1
5.1 37km W of Padangsidempuan, Indonesia 1.425°N 98.935°E 82.8
6.2 141km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.664°S 164.960°E

There have been a series of aftershocks after the large 8.0 earthquake earlier in the week, which triggered a small tsunami which killed at least 19 people.

3,000 people have been left homeless, and the disaster management office has had a difficult time trying to get a clear picture of the scale of destruction on the island.

Earthquake Activity Is On The Rise 


Despite what so called “experts” in the field of monitoring earthquakes have stated, there is without a doubt earthquake increases. Here is quote from the Acuuweather.com website that states that there has not been earthquake increases:


“Although it may seem like there is an increase in earthquake activity, Don Blakeman, a geophysicist for the U.S. Geological Survey said that there really is no particular increase.

“Activity around the world is not changing, it is pretty constant,” he said.

The earthquakes along the Ring of Fire, such as the quakes in the Solomon Islands, Japan, Chile and Alaska are normal. Even activity not along major tectonic plates is relatively normal, because the Earth is such an active place, according to Blakeman.

However, Blakeman said that there are more earthquakes triggered by man. A new controversy has surfaced regarding earthquakes due to hydraulic fracking.

“Some quakes, we think, are likely to be produced by fracking,” Blakeman said.”


The above video proves that earthquakes are increasing, the above quote is most likely trying to keep the public calm, but even so, the truth will be told.

Volcanic Activity



In Italy the Campi Flegrei volcano a vent has been detected recently in the Campi Flegrei in the hydrothermal field of Pisciarelli. The new vent was seen ejecting hot gas as well as geyser-like fountains of water which reached 4-5 meters of height.
Rabaul volcano In the New Britain/Papua New Guinea area is experiencing small to medium sized ash eruptions from Tavurvur. Ash plumes were detected this morning rising to 8,000 ft in altitude and maintains aviation alert code orange.
The Dukono volcano in Halmahera has showed increased activity and has generated a SO2 plume, which is visible on today’s NOAA satellite date.


The Colima volcano in Western Mexico generated a small explosion and rockfall signals have become more frequent over the past days.


Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico continues to generate gas emissions, while the rate of emissions has decreased again to less than 1 per hour.


San Cristobal in Nicaragua continues to show seismic activity above background, mainly in the form of small volcanic earthquakes.



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