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A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit Papua New Guinea, and was later downgraded to a magnitude 6.4 on the U.S Geological survey’s live feed. There is no tsunami threat at the time, and no reports of damages or injuries to report in any of the areas nearby.

Breaking News:  Another 6.4 earthquake has just struck Papua New Guinea. We will report back with updates on the latest news once available.

The following is a list of magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes for the month of April 2013, according to U.S Geological Survey’s live feed:


M Location
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Lat Lon D
6.4 31km N of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea 3.920°S 152.127°E 17.8
6.1 Izu Islands, Japan region 29.915°N 138.926°E 424.1
6.1 98km SE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 50.140°N 157.225°E 20.2
6.6 50km WSW of Linqiong, China 30.284°N 102.956°E 12.3
6.0 136km SE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 49.955°N 157.670°E 20.0
7.2 250km ENE of Kuril’sk, Russia 46.182°N 150.796°E 122.3
6.6 23km ESE of Aitape, Papua New Guinea 3.218°S 142.543°E 13.0
7.8 83km E of Khash, Iran 28.107°N 62.053°E 82.0
6.6 99km W of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 6.475°S 154.596°E 31.0
6.0 54km NNE of Isangel, Vanuatu 19.123°S 169.530°E 275.0
6.4 89km SE of Bandar Bushehr, Iran 28.500°N 51.591°E 10.0
7.0 240km E of Enarotali, Indonesia 3.513°S 138.477°E 66.0
6.3 9km N of Zarubino, Russia 42.713°N 131.105°E 561.9
6.0 107km E of Miyako, Japan 39.528°N 143.196°E 12.5

Below are the magnitude 6.0+ earthquakes for 2012 using the same feed from the U.S Geological survey:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
6.6 Tonga 18.685°S 174.705°W 134.7
6.0 Kermadec Islands region 28.556°S 177.412°W 114.0
6.0 near the north coast of Papua, Indonesia 1.635°S 134.197°E 17.4
6.7 near the north coast of Papua, Indonesia 1.617°S 134.276°E 16.0
6.2 east of the South Sandwich Islands 59.016°S 16.612°W 12.0
6.8 eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea 5.462°S 147.117°E 198.0
6.7 Valparaiso, Chile 32.625°S 71.365°W 29.0
6.2 off the west coast of northern Sumatra 2.581°N 90.269°E 25.0
6.2 Vanuatu 18.972°S 168.741°E 11.0
6.2 Drake Passage 57.679°S 65.308°W 15.0
7.0 Baja California, Mexico 28.696°N 113.104°W 13.0
6.0 Baja California, Mexico 28.837°N 113.027°W 9.0
6.5 Michoacan, Mexico 18.229°N 102.689°W 20.0
6.0 off the coast of Oregon 43.584°N 127.638°W 8.0
8.2 off the west coast of northern Sumatra 0.802°N 92.463°E 25.1
6.0 North Indian Ocean 1.254°N 91.735°E 10.0
8.6 off the west coast of northern Sumatra 2.327°N 93.063°E 20.0
6.1 New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea 4.551°S 153.457°E 108.5
6.0 Oaxaca, Mexico 16.395°N 98.316°W 9.0


In 2013 we have a total of 16 magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes in april so far, and from the looks of things we will surpass the 2012 mark. Keep in mind that the U.S Geological survey does down grade many 6.0 earthquakes to magnitude 5.8.

Sichuan 6.6 Earthquake Update – The death toll from the massive earthquake that hit China, has now reached 193, with 25 missing in the area and 12,211 injured as of 6 a.m on Tuesday. On Tuesday rain became the main story as new threats from rain-triggered landslides are now the issue.

babyA mother and baby ended up being ok from the earthquake event, as a temporary hospital was created in Township of Lushan County.  


Volcanic Activity

del ruiz

A magnitude 2.9 earthquake was felt by locals near the Nevado Del Ruiz volcano located in Columbia this morning. Both earthquakes were centered northwest of the Arenas Crater at a depth of 7 km.

Yet another sequence of earthquakes took place this morning beneath the Central Pumice Cone at the Newberry volcano. A magnitude 0.8 event was located there late yesterday.

At the Mammoth volcano in California, there have been small earthquakes that have continued in the past few days with several small magnitude 1.9 earthquake events.

Continued volcanic earthquakes and tremors are taking place at the Telica and San Cristobal volcanoes in Nicaragua. Small earthquakes continue to be visible on seismograms at the Poas volcano in Costa Rica.

Earthquakes and volcanic activity is elevated at the Poas, Galeras, and Cotapaxi volcanoes. White Island volcano in New Zealand continues to rumble with continuous volcanic tremor of varying intensity.

This volcanic report is sourced from the excellent

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