A strong earthquake shook Indonesia on Friday, measuring a strong 6.7 in magnitude. The earthquake sent people running out of their homes and nearby buildings in the area, but the good news is that there

was no reports of major damage, deaths, or injuries. This count’s as yet another strong earthquake in the past week, and there were 2 aftershocks in the same area (both measuring 4.9). Another good story to report is that

there was no danger of a tsunami developing according to Indonesia’s meteorology and geophysics agency.
The USGS says the quake measured magnitude 6.7 and was also centered 108 kilometers (67 miles) north of the Dobo Village, and a depth of 24 kilometers.

Victor Siahaya, a resident in Dobo, a closest village to the epicenter said that strong earthquake shook everything at his house, forcing him and his family run.

“It was so strong… many people screaming while running in panic,” Siahaya said, “But I don’t see any damage in my neighborhood.”

Indonesia will have to be another area to keep track of, due to the fact that it is located on the pacific “RIng Of Fire,” which is active as of late.


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