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Lat Lon D
5.6 51km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.934°S 165.418°E 32.9
5.0 94km SSE of Bengkulu, Indonesia 4.613°S 102.515°E 51.7
5.6 61km E of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.680°S 166.391°E 35.1
6.2 59km E of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.670°S 166.376°E 55.4
6.0 74km ENE of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.518°S 166.486°E 10.0
6.8 43km N of Vallenar, Chile 28.181°S 70.800°W 45.7

A magintude 6.8 earthquake shook offices, toppled supermarket shelves and broke windows on Wednesday in Chile. There was a 55 year-old woman in the city of Atacama who died of a heart attack from the earthquake, according to the mayor who attributed the death from the shock of the earthquake taking place.

The U.S Geological Survey originally reported the quake at 6.7, but later revised it upward. The good news to report from this earthquake was that there were no tsunami warnings, even though walls collapsed, and a large crack was formed in a road in Chile.

Just 3 years ago an 8.8 earthquake hit chile, triggering a tsunami and killing hudreds of people, here is video footage of the incident in 2010:


Here is video footage of the 2010 earthquake and tsunami in Chile:

On top of the strong 6.8 that hit Chile today, there was also another strong 6.2 earthquake that struck in the Santa Cruz Islands. This is the 3rd major quake to strike the planet earth withing a 24 hour period.

The earth is experiencing increased levels of seismicity, as well as volcanoes as mentioned in our previous article. There were two aftershocks after this earthquake, measuring 5.6 – 5.0, and a 4.5 aftershock in Atacma, Chile after the 6.8 earthquake.

In other eathquakes, there was a magnitude 5.3 that hit just off the southern Oregon coast. There were no of damages to report for the earthquake, and the depth of the tremor was at 6.4 miles.

What is taking place today, is nothing short of epic, as earthquakes have increased, and we are looking at a situation where more earthquakes could take place at a rapid pace. Once again, there are those that will have you to believe that everything is just fine, but it is not, and if you prepare yourself ahead of time, you will stand a chance at surviving an unexpected earthquake.





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