2013 has signaled a significant increase in fireball reports that have been seen in the skies, these are not shooting stars, neither are they  fireballs seen from a distance. The fireballs that  the world has seen, have resembled the Chelybinsk Russia meteor event:

Simply put, the fireballs that the world has seen have been deadly, with the Chelyabinsk Russia meteor injuring 1,600 people, and damaging thousands of buildings, from just the shock wave alone. Never before in history, has a meteor injured as many people, yet you hear the main stream media say things like “Thousands occur every day, we just don’t see them”.

That is true, however, the type of fireballs that the world is seeing are green bright fireballs, which means they are in fact getting deeper into our atmosphere, shaking homes, causing loud booms, and injuring people. As brought out in one of our previous articles space rocks have even hit small children in the head:

Today we have a report of a giant fireball that was seen in the Midwest of the United States:

fire in the sky


This is the largest fireball event for the month of December, which generated sound, and multiple witnesses reporting this fireball as the brightest they have ever seen.  One witness in New London MO heard sound, and had the following to say:

[pull_quote_center]”We thought maybe a plane had crashed.”[/pull_quote_center]

In Plymouth, IA, US  another eye-witness said the following:

[pull_quote_center]”We heard a big boom. I just remember how bright fluorescent green it was. It lasted 1-3 seconds after the initial blast.”[/pull_quote_center]

The main areas that experienced this spectacular event were over the border of Iowa as well as Minnesota at around 5:35 p.m Central time. The fireball reportedly became as bright as the sun as fragmented peaces of the fireball were seen breaking apart.

According the american meteor society this was the 5th most reported event in the history of the American Meteor Website reporting system.

There are many other reports that you can read more here: www.amsmeteors.org

Comet Ison’Debris Tail?

fireballs, fireball in the sky, midwest, 12/26/2013

We are getting near the period where we will be going through comet ison’s debris tail which begins in January. Is this fireball increase due to comet ison? The rapid fireball increase and events have taken place long before comet ison was in the picture, if you just take the Russian meteor event, this was long before Ison came into play.

The San Bruno fireball event was something that took place in 2010,  once again, long before ison, and many people do not even know that it was a fireball, and not a gas explosion ( Watch return of the dragon).

The key point to remember is that these events are on the rise as highlighted in our planet x research and analysis article, and if this trend continues, of course the public will start to want answers as to what exactly is causing this, and the extreme weather events and severe earth wobble, which recently knocked out power to over 450,000 people.

If 2013 was any indicator as to what 2014 will bring, then we are all in for the ride of our lifetimes, lets just hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and if the worst doesn’t happen we have extra food for a rainy day.

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