Earthquake Activity

earthAccording to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, there is no threat of a destructive tsunami from a strong, deep earthquake, which measured in at 7.0 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake took place at 2:32 p.m Hawaii time and was centered about 244 miles north of Saipan and 26 miles west of Agrihan, at a depth of 375 miles.

A destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no threat to Hawaii.

The Next Mega Earthquake? – Earthquakes that are similar 2004 Sumatra earthquake could take place in an area beneath the Arabian Sea at the Makran

subduction zone, according to Geohphysical Research Letters. The research was carried out by scientists from the University of Southampton, based

at the National Oceanography Centre Southhampton (NOCS), and the Pacific Geo science Cetnre, Natural Resources Canada. A future potential earthquake could affect the Coastline of Pakistan, Iran, Oman, and India.

For those who do not know, subjection ones are regions were two of Earth’s tectonic plates collide, and one is pushed beneath the other.

When this takes place, the sea bed moves horizontally and vertically as the pressure is released, which displaces a column of water, all the way up to the surface and causes a tsunami to take place.

There has been very little seduction zone activity since the 8.1 earthquake which took place in 1945 and magnitude 7.3 in 1947.

“These combined factors mean the Makran subjection zone is potentially capable of producing major earthquakes, up to magnitude 8.7-9.2. Past assumptions may have significantly underestimated the earthquake and tsunami hazard in this region.”

 Thermal modelling suggests that the potential earthquake rupture zone extends a long way northward, to a width of up to 350 kilometres which is unusually wide relative to most other subjection zones,” says Gemma Smith, lead author and PhD student at University of Southampton School of Ocean and Earth Science, which is based at NOCS.” –

Volcanic Activity

image source:
image source: Powerful explosion with lightning in ash cloud from Sakurajima volcano, Japan (Photo: Martin Rietze)

A new eruption might have began at the Pvlov volcano, as the AVO has raised the alert level to orange, following an increase in seismic activity this morning along with the presence of an intense thermal anomaly at the summit observed in the latest satellite imagery. There are patterns of seismicity and elevated surface temperatures have previously signaled the onset of eruptive activity at Pvlov.


Mexican authorities have raised the alert level at the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City on Sunday morning after observing an increased level of explosive activity. The lava dome of Popocatepetl, may expand and unleash powerful explosions of ash and lava, according to Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention.


Giant Sinkhole From Another Water Main Break

According to city officials there was a water-main break which caused a giant sinkhole to form at the Winnipeg’s Garden City neighborhood this weekend. There was a huge chunk of pavement which caved in on itself at 1 p.m Sunday at Airlines Street and Ashbury Bay.

Home owners are currently without water, and a water truck has been called to the area, to provide access to water.





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