7.0 Earthquake Hits  Kuril’sk Russia

Russia is no stranger to significant events, and at the time of writing this article we have two 7.0 earthquakes registering at the U.S Geological survey’s live earthquake feed.



When two large earthquakes are registered over at the U.S Geological survey’s live feed, there is a good chance that only one earthquake took place, and the correction comes quickly after a new earthquake.

Breaking News: A magnitude 5.7 aftershock has just struck the region, and now there are three buoy’s in event mode according to the National Data Buoy Center:


We will update this article as more news comes in, from the looks of things the water column height spiked on one of the tsunami buoy’s in the region, according to National Data Buoy Center:

water column


Three Cars Swallowed In Chicago 


Incredible footage out of Chicago as three cars were swallowed by a sinkhole that continues to grow, as one person was injured from this event taking place.

A driver was hospitalized on Thursday after the sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street and began to swallow three other cars on Chicago’s South side

according to police. The man who was injured in this event was driving when the road buckled and caved in at 9600 South Houston Avenue near the Chicago Skyway. The man was then taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to a spokesman for the Water Department, the sinkhole was a result of a water main that broke in the area and began gushing out water.

Water mains breaking have been the theme of the day, as just about everyday new water mains are breaking. Many officials don’t explain why the water mains are breaking, and massive sinkholes continue to open up across our planet.

water mains
Google search: water main break

Notice how frequently and consistently these water mains are breaking, and then being repaired. It is simple, something is happening on our planet that is much bigger in size and scope than what we are being told for the most part.

 Mudslide Reported At The University Of Iowa


The public is becoming increasingly aware of the massive landslides, mudslides, and earth changes that are taking place on a regular basis, and seem to be increasing faster than we can report these events. The below image reveals some of the massive landslides that have taken place as of late:

landslide 3


These events both took place recently, and is the hallmark for what could potentially come next. There is no physical way possible to prepare for events this massive, other than having a rope available, just in case you fall inside a sinkhole, or down a 1,000 foot landslide as in the case of the Washington landslide.

Of course you also have officials who will down play many of these events and write them off as normal, but these events are far from it. Let’s get into more earth changes, starting with volcanoes.

Volcanic Activity


Seismic activity remains high at the Nevado Del Ruiz volcano in Columbia after a magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck the volcano last night. Even higher amplitudes of volcanic tremors have become apparent at Ruiz during the past 24 hours. INGEOMINAS reports that the volcano continues to deform, as evidenced by last nights large volcano-tectonic event.

Earthquakes continue at the Telica volcano in Nicaragua and San Cristobal, and the pace of the earthquake continue even faster.

Volcanic tremor activity strengthened for a time at the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala last night. Frequent degassing earthquakes have returned at the volcano. Those living near the Fuego volcano have reported loud jet-like or “huffing” noised coming from the volcano overnight. Earthquakes as well as rockfall and degassing is taking place at the Santa Maria volcano this morning.

The biggest volcanic news to report is the eruption at the Etna Volcano, Pink has a full report of the other significant volcanic events:


The American Meteor Society Reveals A Spike In Fireballs In The Sky

It is reported that the dinosaurs were taken out by massive space rocks, so we thought we would highlight just how many space rocks are being seen on a yearly basis using the American Meteor Society live feed:

Fireball Log

Step #1 Click this link: http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireballs/fireball-report

Step #2 Click on any of the links on any of the links entitled “Fireball Sightings Log” and look on the top left hand side of the page for the following data:


The story is clear, fireballs are on the rise, so when you hear people mention that fireballs happen all of the time, or it’s no big deal, just send them over to the American Meteor society so they can get a clear picture of what is taking place. To wrap things up, mass animal deaths continue, and we will have a report on the latest mass animal deaths soon. As Nancy Lieder mentions, will there be an announcement of planet X? And what type of earth changes could we see in the near future with so many events taking place?

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