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The death toll from the powerful 7.2 earthquake that struck the central Philippine island of Bohol, rose to 93 and is still rising. Older churches crumbled and many roads and bridges were damaged in this earthquake event.


Thankfully this earthquake event did not cause  tsunami, and there were no new islands formed in this event. According to Nancy Lieder:

nancy lieder

And of course, there hasn’t been any shortage of flooding on our planet, along with extreme weather and ect…..

The following chart reveals some of the powerful aftershocks in this earthquake event,  several 6.0 earthquakes rattled the region after the 7.2 earthquake. It’s interesting to note the 8.0 recording from one earthquake agency.




The New Madrid Show’s Activity


new madrid

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The new Madrid fault zone has shown activity as of late, and it looks like something could be up soon, for those who don’t understand why this fault region can be devastating to the east coast of the United States, watch the following video:


On top of all of the earthquake activity we have a report coming in of 80 earthquakes in Iceland on October the 13th 2013.

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 American Meteor Society Reveals Over  104 Reports Of Fireballs

american meteor society

source: http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball_event/2013/ 

Reports of fireballs have come in from New Jersey to Virginia to Connecticut who reported seeing the large meteor at 8:25 pm. There were reports today of a large meteor that raced across the sky In Washington D.C on Monday as well, which is probably the same meteor seen in New Jersey, Virginia, and Connecticut.

The area in which the most recent meteors have been seen have been in the same areas, so obviously if a planet x type object was on the way we would be seeing these meteors coming from one direction, and that is exactly what is happening.

 The following is a map of the sightings for this meteor event below:ams1


At the Kizimen volcano in Kamchatka the VAAC in Tokyo reported an ash plume drifting at 13,000

feet in altitude from the volcano this morning at 05:28. Here is a video of this event:

The shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka is showing a lava dome that has become active again, and frequently

produces small incandescent avalanches.

Here is video of that ash plume:

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768 Landslides In Chin State


Between August the 21st and September 11, 2013 a staggering 768 landslides took place across Chin State. We didn’t know this was taking place in this area, and we decided to report on this to highlight yet another significant earth changing event.

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Drought Conditions Continue

In Tulsa Oklahoma the rain has continued, which is great news, because the area is still having difficult drought conditions. According to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey the drought conditions are abnormally dry.

Overall we have had interesting earth changes that have occurred in the last two months, and overall, this is a time of great geological upheaval, and even though the cover up crowd will still say that all of these events are just normal, and there is nothing abnormal about all of what has been presented, in the end, the picture will be very clear.

Here is the latest video on earth changes and conspiracy news:


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