A strong 7.5 earthquake jolted the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, according to the USGS. The earthquake began shaking buildings in many nearby cities including Mexico City, Guatemala City and San Salvador.

The U.S Pacific Tsunami Warning Center made a statement saying that there was a possibility of a local tsunami, however there was no warning issued for a larger region. The earthquake was about 20 miles deep and was centered 28 miles off the city of Champerico.
The president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina said in a radio interview that the country had been placed on one of its highest level of disaster alerts, and he asked residents in the area to evacuate tall buildings just in case of collapse. The minister of communications and infrastructure

told Emisoras Unidas that landslides stopped many highways in the west of the country, and it could take at least 24 hours to reestablish transportation links to San Morcos.
One of the local reporters in the town of San Mrcos, about 80 miles north of the epicenter, mentioned that houses collapsed onto residents and smashed televisions and other appliances have been scattered into the streets.

The local fire department said on its Twitter account that a school had collapsed and eight injured people were taken to a nearby hospital, and Guatemala’s emergency management agency also said on its Twitter page that one death was reported in the aftermath of the earthquake.

There were no serious damages or injuries reported in the city, although many people had fled their offices and their homes.

The Red Cross branch of El Salvador told the Associated press that a quake had been felt throughout the country, which sent people fleeing their homes in the capital, however, there were not reports of injuries or serious damage. The Civil protection agency evacuated all coastal communities to take pre-caution due to the

threat of a tsunami.

The Pacific Ring Of Fire 

One of the most active regions for earthquake activity as of late has been the Pacific ring of fire, which 7.8 earthquake hit the Masset Canada region on October the 18,2012.

Masset Canada earthquake

Today’s strong 7.5 was just along the Pacific ring of fire as shown below:

Champerico Guatemala earthquake

Here is a map of the pacific ring of fire, courtesy of

Pacific ring of fire

For readers who don’t know, the Pacific Ring Of Fire is one of the most active regions in the world for earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Here is a list of earthquakes that have hit the Pacific Ring Of Fire for November 7th, 2012 alone:

Magnitude 4.1 – 165km SSW of Masset, Canada

Magnitude 2.9 – 86km N of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Magnitude 4.4 – 151km NE of Tobelo, Indonesia


Magnitude 4.2 – Off the coast of Oregon

Flooding In Southern India Leaves 25 Dead

Torrential rains in the Southern Indian state of Andra Pradesh have killed 25 people and has displaced tens of thousands of villagers over the past week, according to officials.

Many downpours triggered by a cyclone that hit the coast last Wednesday near Chennai left hundreds of villages inundated and 60,000 people in relief camps, Karikal Valaven, a governmental officer overseeing emergency operations, said. Many crops in the regions have taken a hit, and disaster

response teams had to help move people to higher ground in rubber boats and 100 shelters were opened across the state to accommodate people leaving the flood zone.

“The unseasonal rainfall has destroyed our crops and our entire field is submerged in water,” Arku Rajaipa, a farmer in Guntur district, one of the worst-affected regions, told a local TV news channel. “We will have to depend on the government for food the whole year.”

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 Live Update: A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has took place in Ocos, Guatemala along the Pacific plate. Another 5.0 earthquake has stuck Champerico Guatemala. The latest breaking news is that 8 people were killed after the earlier 7.4 earthquake took place.

Live Update #2: 

Magnitude 6.3 hits of Port Hardy, Canada.


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