2013 is well under way and there is no shortage of strange events in the last couple of days to say the least. A powerful 7.7 earthquake was recorded today activating several buoys in tsunami event mode.

At a later time all tsunami warnings were canceled,  and the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said  the waves were too small to pose a threat, reaching just six inches above normal sea level in places such as Sitka and Port Alexander.

“Initially, in the first 15 to 20 minutes, there might have been a bit of panic,” Sitka Police Chief Sheldon Schmitt told The Associated Press.

He later on mentioned that things seemed to calm down as the town waited for the tsunami warning to be cancelled by 2 a.m, according to the Daily Sitka Sentinel.

Many of the residents that live in the area gathered at the local high school early Saturday, and bundled up with pillows, trying to find out more information.

The quake struck in the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles southwest of Port Alexander, Alaska, at a depth of about 6 miles at 11:58 p.m local time. In the beginning the USGS reported the earthquake at magnitude 7.7, but later downgraded the tremor to 7.5 in magnitude.

Here is an explanation from TheUnitedKnowledge, and a prediction from the independent researcher:


United Knowledge also reported loud booms:


Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or higher earthquakes for 1/5/2013 using the U.S geological survey feed list:


M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.1 Mauritius – Reunion region 19.944°S 66.439°E 10.0
5.1 91km WSW of Craig, Alaska 55.235°N 134.527°W 9.8
7.5 94km W of Craig, Alaska 55.368°N 134.621°W 9.8
5.4 97km WNW of Naze, Japan 28.736°N 128.580°E 39.0
5.1 Mid-Indian Ridge 13.206°S 66.744°E 10.0

Take note that there were 6 aftershocks measuring 2.5 -5.0 in the Craig, Alaska region.

Volcanic Activity 

In the past day, there has been increased tremor amplitude at the Plosky Tolbachik volcano today according to KVERT.

Deep earthquakes continue beneath Mammoth Mountain volcano. The rate of exhalations of gas and some ash at the Popocatepetl volcano increased slightly during the past 24 hours to an average of just under two per hour.


In Guatemala, the Fuego and Santa Maria are showing a steady lava extrusion occurring at both volcanoes. A small pyroclastic flow can be seen descending the slopes of the Santiaguito dome complex.

The Pacaya volcano is active with small volcanic earthquakes taking place at an increased rate. At White Island there has been a rise in volcanic tremor activity


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