Earthquake Activity

sotiaToday we have a 7.8 earthquake reported in the scotia sea, this earthquake had a depth 10 Km. Here is a short list of some of the other earthquakes that took place after the large 7.8 earthquake in the scotia sea: 

10km Magnitude 4.7 OFF COAST OF SOUTHERN

43km Magnitude 5.7 SCOTIA SEA


30km Magnitude 4.7 SCOTIA SEA

87km Magnitude 4.5 CENTRAL ALASKA

15km Magnitude 5.0 SCOTIA SEA

60km Magnitude 5.2 SCOTIA SEA

2km Magnitude 4.8 SCOTIA SEA

40km Magnitude 5.3 SCOTIA SEA

Another powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake took place on November the 16th 2013 in the scotia sea.


Volcanic Activity


We have more volcanic activity at the Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy, Intense Stromboli activity is taking place at the new South East crater. Russia today has amazing footage of the volcanic eruptions taking place at the etna volcano below:

Klyuchevskoy volcano in Kamchatka, is experiencing activity at the summit crater, as the volcano produces ash plumes about 21,000 feet in altitude drifting east.

The Sakurajima volcano in Kyushu Japan has ash emissions and explosions reaching 12,000 feet in altitude.

The Bagana volcano in Papua New Guinea has an explosion producing an ash plume up to 9,000 feet in altitude.

The Sinabung volcano in sumatra indonesia continues to become gradually stronger, with two powerful vulcanian explosions occurring on the 14th of November.

The Colima volcano in western mexico has shown increased activity as of late.

Copahue volcano in Argentine shows ash emissions which began yesterday shortly before noon, with video below:

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 Power Outages

Perryville, MO – Power outages have been the re-occurring story as of late, and today we have a report of a power outage which was caused by a dump truck which hit a power line.

691 customers were without electrical service, according to the southeast Missourian.

Pembrooke residents were also left without power on Sunday morning due to a service interruption at Cairncross mountain, 25 kilometres north west of Port Macquarie. –

 Train Derailments Continue

In Philadelphia we have 7 empty cars from a freight train which derailed in north Philadelphia early Friday, there were no injuries in this incident. There was no word on what caused this train derailment.

Mass Animal Deaths


Mass dolphin deaths are happening all around florida, and many scientists don’t know how to stop it. The Die offs of bottlenose dolphins are going on three different places.

“This particular species has suffered a huge impact, all over the Southeast,” said Blair Mase, a marine mammal specialist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has classified each of the die-offs as an “unusual mortality event.”  – 

Greg Bossart had this to say on the dolphin die offs, quote:

“What makes so many deaths disturbing, he said, is that dolphins are regarded as “sentinels for ocean and human health,” not unlike canaries in a coal mine.”

Fireballs On The Increase


We had a total of 35 fireball reports of for 11/17/2013, and  23 reports of fireballs for 11/16/2013. The following is a map of where these fireballs were seen, with the majority located in the central part of the United States. 

meteor 1


Water Main Breaks


Another water main break flooded a mall, as a clean up effort took place at Grand Forks Columbia Mall. Stores were shutdown, and flooding started about 4:00 pm, as customers were surprised to see water seeping up through the floors.

Another water main break took place Friday, the break which had  water gushing into the air soaked the lawn and street.

water main


Extreme Weather Events

in Illinois – Just 55 minutes ago a large tornado ripped through Washington III, east of peoria on Sunday. 10 States are currently under severe weather alerts, as torndado watches were posted in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas.



Live coverage link:

The earth’s wobble is becoming more obvious everyday, as cold and warm temperature swings are on the rise. Here is an interesting comment on these extreme earth changes from ordanary dragon of

“Clearly things in the weather category are picking up! This winter will be interesting or summer for you southern hemisphere people.

The weather men/women are starting to run out of excuses to explain away the continued warm weather. What will they say come mid winter and it continues or if it gets worse? We keep wobbling back and fourth from around 60-70 degrees then back down to the normal where it should be 30-40 degree for this time of year. All the changes are within a weeks time or less. It’s done this for the past 4-6 weeks and continues to do so.

Then you have that pesky jet stream that’s also not cooperating. The one weather channel guy calls it the “jet stream dip, mmm sounds tasty!” and local stations call it “roller coaster weather”. Guess roller coaster is close enough to the forbidden “wobble” word. Anybody else notice the weather channel stopped posting the sun rise/set times in the morning along with the weather with the new makeover they’ve done?”

In the middle east, torrential rain, and snow storms as well as flooding has hit the region.


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Saudi Arabia is also experiencing flash flooding as residents are urged to stay indoors due to heavy rain. A Flash flood is also taking place in south Africa as widespread flooding after heavy rains has affected over 18,000 people. source

Flooding in Vietnam has killed 24 people, with 10 missing in Hanoi, Vietnam, the flooding was triggered by heavy rains in central Vietnam.  – source

Torrential rain has also led to flooding in parts of eastern Australia, as violent storms ripped across parts of Queensland and New South Wales on Saturday. This storm system caused damage to some homes, and over 1,000 calls for help during the overnight period. – source

Strange Milky White Substance


In the East Vancouver Still creek, there is a strange white substance, which his leaking into the creek. The city of Vancouver is still investigating what the substance is.

According to the zetatalk chat Q & A:
“Two of these incidents occurred in a river or creek bed, and as we have explained these spots represent a thin place in the crust, so the crust sags and thus water pools there. In Vancouver, the milky substance bubbling up was in an inlet bay, in an area just east of the San Andreas fault line. Note also that all 3 incidents are in a line from the West Coast to the East Coast, and thus the emergence of this milky substance could be related to the bowing of the N American continent. Despite the assurances of those assigned to investigate and explain, no identification of the substance was done! So what is this substance?
Just as the air itself can become solidified into Angel Hair on occasion, due to electrical changes in the particles holding the atoms together, this type of phenomena can occur in water too. The bowing can drop sinkholes, shift bridges, and rip open crevasses, but this is all surface activity. When movement in the deeper rock occurs, then the electromagnetic screech we have referred to as a frequent warning of a pending earthquake increases. Rock pressed close together allows electricity to flow via water trapped in the rock layers, and this moves electricity. Thus, temporarily, the water composition changed, making it appear milky and causing bubbles to emerge. Simple as that.” –


Will there be a planet X announcement soon if it does exist? Why does it seem as if so many things are happening at once? All these questions will be answered soon enough, if we really are dealing with an extinction level event on planet earth.

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