There was a shallow 3.4 earthquake reported Sunday morning, just six miles from Dixon lane, Meadow Creek, which is a community just outside Bishop according to the U.S Geological Survey.

The epicenter wa s84 miles from Sanger California and 138 miles from Carson City, Nevada.


In the last week the earth has been rattled with 6.0 earthquakes, with a 6.6 earthquake recorded in Papua New Guinea yesterday. The good news to report on this tremor was that there was not a tsunami triggered in this event. In most cases an 8.0+ earthquake can trigger a large tsunami, but so can smaller earthquakes.

Can Ants Predict Earthquakes? 




Different scientists in Germany are suggesting that some ants might able to predict a seismic event before it takes place. Red wood ants change their behavior

before an earthquake takes place reports lo9. Some scientists believe this change is behavior revealing that an earthquake could be just around the corner.After studying these red wood ants behavior along a fault line, Gabriele Berberich documented behavior changes over the course of two years. 10 small

earthquakes took place during this study, and the monitored red wood ants changed their behavior by leaving their mounds, even at night when they are usually resting from predators.

“Red wood ants have chemoreceptors for carbon dioxide gradients and magnetoreceptors for electromagnetic fields,” Berberich said. “We’re not sure why or how they react to the possible stimuli, but we’re planning on going to a more tectonically active region and see if ants react to larger earthquakes.”

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Not that much volcanic activity to report for the day, however there is a significant earthquake swarm that is well underway at the Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano In Colombia. A magnitude 2.8 earthquake was felt at Machin (station CIMA) overnight with low frequency earthquakes following the volcano.

The Utah’s Copper Mine Landslide

landslide 3


Massive landslides seem to be the story of the day as of late, with a large 1,000 foot landslide in Washington State’s Whidbey Island. Along with the world’s largest man-made excavation is underway at the Bingham Canyon Copper mine in Utah. The wall continues to slip a millimetre or so each day, and is the largest man-made mine excavation in the world at the time.

One of the interesting points brought out about the Utah Copper mine comes from none other than the poleshift.ning website, quote:

With each pole shift the Planet X complex must have left behind a significant amount of dust, dirt, rocks and boulders on earth. Would the Zeta mind estimating approx. how much tonnage of new material has been deposited upon earth over the past 10 pole shifts or 36,000 yrs. The Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, UT has a slight red hue which may be pole shift related. There is also a gravel pit just off of I-15 here in the Salt Lake area that has a distinct red layer of rock in the middle of yellowish rock. The yellowish rock is above and below the red layer. The red layer is 40-50 feet thick. The Zeta have said, earths red soils are not native. ../index/blog1003.htm

How is it, if the red dust in the tail of Planet X is considered a dusting of Earth during a passage, that some parts of the globe seem to have massive amounts of this dust. Did this occur on a single pass, where 40-50 feet of dust would land in a single pass? The red dust in the tail of Planet X is a dusting, and not a dumping. But what happens to dust that is soluble during torrential rains? It washes into ponds or lakes, and there is mixed with material that later becomes a layer of clay soil or rock, red colored.”

The two landslide events that have taken place as of late, are nothing to sneeze at, and both events resemble a scene out of a movie.





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