It’s ever researchers goal to find fact based, easy to understand information that reveals something that was looked over, and covered up. Just recently we stumbled upon a video that gives any planet x doubter a nightmare, watch it below:


What we recognized from this video is that the solar flares and cme’s are not the cause of the earth’s magnetosphere bending and twisting. As noted in the video the earth’s magnetic field was twisted before the solar flare was reported in many of the articles that were published.

That combined with the large earthquakes shortly after the earth’s magnetic field twisted, and you have clear evidence that something else is causing the magnetic field to twist and reverse. This twisting of the earth’s magnetic field is also causing animals and sea creatures to wash up on beaches all across the world, and birds that seem to be falling out of the sky dead.

Many animals simply don’t know where they are going, and the magnetic field is very important for their migration. Of course, climate change will be the cause from many news sources, but climate change is the culprit, for many of the earth changes that are taking place, then why are other planets heating up, and wobbling as well?

Just recently a group of pilot whales beach themselves and were found dead, here is an excerpt from the news report:

“Local residents found the dead body of the whale at 10 a.m.,” Iqbalul Murid, a life guard at Sidayu Indah beach, said, as quoted by Antara news agency on Thursday.

 Can You See Planet X?

Here is a video the shows planet X using a red filter, courtesy of the zeta report and Nancy Lieder:

There many other photo’s at, and you can find out more information about Nancy Lieder. The most interesting detail that we have across from our research is that the program that anyone can use to track the earth’s magnetic field is gone. If there wasn’t anything going on, why would this program be completely removed from the internet?

Below is a diagram that shows the dramatic increase in magnetosphere compression:

Earth's magnetic field

It is interesting that this program was removed exactly when there is a large increase in compression. All signs are there, and all of the physical evidence is there, the question now is just when will it be announced?

Here is a summary of the program that was recently taken off the internet after 10 years:

A brief historical summary is provided below:

“In 2009, NICT MagSim began showing Earth temporarily losing her magnetic south pole. 

In 2010, NICT MagSim depicted how the area of Earth’s magnetosphere below the ecliptic started deforming.

By April 2012, the escalating incidents of severe magnetosphere compression resulted in a sudden and implausible suspension of NICT Magnetosphere Simulator web services.

By May 2012, other data sources were being utilized by ECAPS ning members to track the increasing incidence of magnetosphere anomalies resulting from Planet X including:





In addition to many enduring severe compressions of the magnetosphere, by August 2012, severe turbulence in the magnetosphere was demonstrably evident.

By September 2012, severe tilting of Earth’s magnetic dipole in the direction of Planet X was apparent.

On October 19th, an unprecedented combination of magnetosphere anomalies were observed.”

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When we first began our research into planet X we wanted answers to our questions, and we wanted to know if this planet will affect us as it makes it’s passage. And from all of the evidence that we have compiled, this planet is already effecting earth, and it we will all find out soon how large or small that effect will be.


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