A 6.6 earthquake was recorded in the Vanuatu island region on Sunday. There were no reports of any damages in the area of 25 kilometers according to the USGS. This earthquake took place on the pacific ring of fire, which is a very active region, due to high rates of convergence between the Australia and Pacific plates.

Iceland Shaken By Earthquakes 

A strong 4.8 and 5.7 earthquake hit the north Of Iceland nea Siglufjorour, a community located along the inner coastline. The earthquakes struck long the northern end of the divergent rift or Mid-atlantic region. Another area where 3.0 magnitude tremors have also occurred, is in the vicinity of the Krafla volcano, which erupted in 1985.

Does The Drop In Ocean Floors Mean That The Australian Plate Is Tilting?

Water Column hieght

The poleshift.ning website which is owned by Nancy lieder stated the following about the Australian plate:

“The Zetas have long predicted the tongue of the Eurasian plate (aka Sunda Plate) will be pushed under the Indo-Australian Plate, along the curve that forms Sumatra and Java.” Poleshift.ning

According to Nancy lieder the Zeta’s are basically aliens that she can Channel and tell her what is about to take place on earth. So far the Zeta predictions have been spot on from our research of the zetatalk.com website. In one of the newsletters that zetatalk.com publishes on Sunday, Nancy talks about how the widespread flooding cannot be covered up as “normal event”, eventually the public will connect the dots.

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