About Us

Earthshiftx.com is dedicated to finding out more information about planet x, and other earth changes that are taking place on earth today. We try to cover the story that is not being told, and highlight important information to earth changes based on facts. There are great changes that are underway, and the time has come to get the word out on what is really happening.

Inspired by some of the amazing photo’s revealing the sun’s binary twin, and following several different researchers who presented factual data, we have determined that something in space is causing the earth changes taking place one our planet today.  We decided to create our own research website so we could get down to the bottom of what is going on. 

The main source that we base our data on is what we see in the skies,  and at the time we see the the earths rotation slowing down, because the moon has been seen in several different locations in the sky. And just this past summer we have seen the sun setting in the wrong location, which is simply not normal.

We are not funded by al gore, or mega corporations, we paid for our website out of pocket. We do place ads on some of our videos on youtube, this is to help with paying hosting fees, domain renewals, research equipment, and time that it takes to produce content.

On top of that , we could stop doing our research and work at a fast food restaurant and make more money for ourselves then make videos, write articles, read, and study planet x.

Instead, we decided that there could be something more to planet x, so we are making the sacrifice to inform the world on this important topic of planet x and earth changes.

We are normal people just like you, who know something is not right with our planet, and that’s when we found out about planet x. We then decided to begin the research in October of 2012, and it has been a very interesting journey all the way up until now.

Stay tuned for updates, and share this information with a friend if you find it useful.:-)