southern east pacific risWe have reached an amazing turning point  when it comes to the subject of earth changes. Earlier this morning a 7.0 earthquake took place at a depth of 10 Km, followed by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake at the Southern Pacific Rise at 33 km.

The strong earthquakes did not stop there, as a magnitude 5.2,4.8, and 5.6  earthquake struck on the Southern Pacific rise. There have been a total of four significant earthquakes in the last 72 hours.

A rare 3.1 earthquake struck in Colorado, at a shallow 3 km, and a  magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck in Iceland, on the active Bardarbunga volcano at a depth of 10 km. As we published our last video on YouTube, there were five volcanic earthquakes  at the Taal Volcano in the past 24 hours in Manila Philippines.

According to Eric Arconado, there is quote“nothing to worry about” because the volcano is under alert level one. source

Breaking news a  strong 5.5 earthquake just struck in Scotland United Kingdom at a deep 120 km.

Amazon Asks Are You Ready?

are you ready

Not so subliminal messages about preparedness in the online media, as amazon asks are you ready, with a giant lightening bolt and dark clouds in the background.

Of course amazon is not the only place ready, as a code orange simulation drill took place today at three Montreal hospitals. The simulation drill involves a plane crash in the north part of the island, where there is no road access for emergency services. source


tampa bay sinkhole 3

A road was shut down in Florida as 15 ft wide and 20-30 ft deepsinkhole, blocked residents from getting past the road. A truck was almost completely swallowed by a sinkhole in Tuscan Arizona.

source 1 | source 2

Weather Extremes


Super typhoon Vongfong is headed north-northwest at 8 miles per hour, and peaked in intensity on Tuesday as winds reached 180 miles per hour. Japan’s meteorological agency showed Vongfong’s central pressure rising to 915 mb at 9 am EDT Thursday, from the low of 900 mb on Wednesday.

Okinawa is currently at risk from a direct impact from this powerful weather system. source


 Tropical Storm Hudhud – India is no stranger to flooding and sinking, now a tropical storm hudhud is headed towards millions of people, and strengthening as it churns over the Bay of Bengal. The tropical system is expected to strengthen to potentially a category 3 storm. source

Another spectacular tornado took place in the Ulverston UK area , with video captured yesterday of the first tornado.

Since yesterday, rains pounded the Mindanao Philippines Provence, which has left 10 villages under water, and affecting nearly 10,000 people.

The eastern provinces of North Kivu and Katanga are experiencing severe flooding over the past three
days after heavey rainfall fell in the area.

The National weather service confirmed a weak tornado touched down for moment in Punam County in Indianapolis. source

In Ritzville Washington high winds swept through the are on Tuesday afternoon creating  a rare weather phenomenon.

Ebola Outbreak

In Skopje Macedonia a health ministry official mentioned a hotel in Skopje had been quarantined after a man died  exhibiting Ebola symptoms. At the current time the world health organization has the ebola death toll at 3,879 with no end in sight . source


After a steep drop off of fireball reporting, today there were a total of 9 reports at the This was a strange event that triggered the following comment from a viewer :

“The Just awkwardly tumbled down to horizon and disappeared beyond my treeline sight.” source

A total of 53 fireballs were reported from Nasa’s all sky fireball network, with all of them being sporadic events. source

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  1. A while ago, JC Penney launched an ad campaign with the slogan, “Get Ready for Something Brilliant.” I think that might have been a Planet X reference. And how about all the corporate logos that feature the “swoosh” design, an obvious depiction of the Planet X orbit? Capital One, Nike and many others use that design.