tongaA powerful 6.4 earthquake hit the Tonga area yesterday, with no reports of damages to buildings, tsunami’s, or loss of life.

This is the second significant earthquake in the past week, with the 6.2 earthquake in Southern Iran.

On May 7th there was a 5.9 earthquake that took place in the vanuatu region which was also a strong earthquake.

As mentioned yesterday, several aftershocks are taking place in the Southern Iran region after the 6.2 earthquake that took place on May 11th, which include five magnitude 5.0 – 5.6 aftershock events.

Volcanic Activity

Krakatau’s lava flow in early September 2012 (Photo: Britta)

The Popocatepetl volcano in Central Mexico has shown an increase in activity over the past few days, as the CENAPRED agency has raised the alert level to Yellow

Phase 3 earlier this morning. Con Continuous eam and ash emissions are taking place, and there is vulcanian-type explosions that throw glowing bombs to several hundred meters distance from the crater and create ash plumes up to about 2 km in height.

The Tungurahua volcano located in Ecuador sent shock waves out that rattled windows and doors in nearby areas. There was a powerful explosion which took place on Friday, and sent an ash plume rising up to 30,000 feet in elevation. Ash falls have been taking place in areas of Santa Fe de Galan.

The Sabancaya volcano in Peru is also showing signs of possible eruptions, with several volcanic ash plumes coming out of the volcano in the past few days.

The alert level has been raised to Yellow at the Copahue volcano in Chile/Argentina, after small explosions took place at the volcano.


 Homes Sink Into The Earth


10 additional homes in the subdivision are at threat of collapse in the area, with the dormaint volcano and sweeping vistas of Clear Lake swallowing more land.

Mail delivery in the area has even stopped because of the dangers of delivering the mail.

“It’s a slow-motion disaster,” said Randall Fitzgerald, a writer who bought his home in the Lakeside Heights project a year ago.

What is the cause of the land cracking and moving? According to officials in the area, water is believed to bubble to the surface, and is playing a role in the

destruction. The mystery lies in the fact that there is plentiful water atop the hill in a county with groundwater shortages.

“That’s the big question,” said Scott De Leon, county public works director. “We have a dormant volcano, and I’m certain a lot of things that happen here (in Lake County) are a result of that, but we don’t know about this.”

“It’s very common for groundwater to shift its course,” said Ruppenthal of Utility Services Associates in Seattle. “I think the groundwater has shifted.”If the county can’t get the water and sewer service stabilized, De Leon said all 30 houses in the subdivision will have to be abandoned.”


Latest On Comet Ison


At the time the tail of the comet is pointing away from the sun, and you can see a fan-shaped structure at the comet’s tip, toward the sun.

Comet Ison is set to become very bright this winter. As the comet gets close to the Sun it will become bright, and may become visible on Earth even during the day time.

Here is a new, higher contrast image of comet Ison, courtesy of NASA:

comet, ison, c/2012

 Could this be another doomsday comet? Could this be the blue kachina of Hopi prophecy? An unusual meteor show is expected, but could this meteor shower bring with it fireballs? All of these questions will be answered soon, but in the mean time, grab a telescope, and don’t miss the comet of the century in November.

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