When writing about a sensitive subject such as planet x, many people will put up a guard and try to debunk those who put the pieces to the puzzles to together. One of the first pieces to support preparation for a disaster is the Denver New World Airport. Which has murals of disaster taking place, and the entire event played out through artistic murals.

The video below explains all if you aren’t already aware of the airport features:

Located in the mountains in Denver Colorado, this airport has received a lot of attention due the underground facility located at the airport, and the top of airport being made out of kevlar, the toughest material known to man. All evidence is pointing to some type of preparation for a global disaster, and a retreat to the Denver airport by those in power.


Once you begin to research you come to that same conclusion, keep in mind that the Denver new world airport is not the only place that looks to be a hide out for those trying to escape some type of disaster.

In a recent documentary by Jesse Ventura, there is evidence that billionaire’s are retreating to private locations in the Missouri Ozarks. Here is the documentary which reveals all of the details about the Ozarks, and how it is prime real estate for escaping a cataclysm.

What’s interesting is that we all know of two locations that those in power are prepping for something. The question is what is it that those in power know that we don’t know? Once again, we will not give a date of a planet X fly by, but we will say that preparation for a disaster is always a smart thing.

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