Note from the editor –  The earth changes that we are seeing on our planet are happening on a global scale. You have the global warming enthusiasts who claim that cow flatulence is causing massive landslides, and volcanoes becoming active within hours of each other. And even though these global warming people scream global warming, we have snow taking place in Egypt and Jerusalem as highlighted yesterday.

There is a large cover up operation taking place that doesn’t want the people to worry or have any concerns about nibiru/planet x. Just take a look at this massive landslide in Utah, which was not reported on in the local media in some areas:



This was the worst mine collapse in mining history, and no word on the front page of Fox news, Abc, Nbc news? This is why the media is currently having a very difficult time keeping viewers, people quickly become tired with the lies and all of the cover ups.

In your local area you are likely to see just to the south a source of light in the sky, when the sun is setting south-west, that is what I witnessed today yet again. Something is very wrong here, as the sun did not set until 5:30 when the sun is supposed to set at 4:58 pm. This let’s me know that planet x has to be near, and then when you combine this with the earth changes, it’s getting very obvious that something other than global warming is causing the weather extremes that we all see today.

If you enjoy the information, please share with a friend, as my purpose  is to warn as many people as possible before everything takes place. It’s almost surreal that this is all happening, but sometimes, life hands you lemons, and you just have to make lemonade. 🙂


There was a shallow 2.8 earthquake in Marina Del Ray today at  7:35 a.m PST at a depth of 5.6 miles. –


Volcanic Activity

kilauea, volcano, volcanoes, earthquakes, earthquake,

At the Etna volcano in Sicily Italy the new South East Crater is stable, and has produced weak ash emissions. The video below shows the lava lake in the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, there were 3 active vents with occasional small lava overflows visible.


Fireball Uptick

fireball in the sky 5

We have a total of 95 fireball reports according to the american meteor society, there were additional reports of fireballs after the article was posted yesterday. We have a total of  8 fireballs to report for 12/19/2013, and a total of 11 pending reports of fireballs. – Source

Mass Fish Deaths

fish death collage

Dead fish have been reported in a pond in Preston park, these fish were believed to be carp fish. Notice how this fish death was not anywhere near the fukushima plant, and in a pond, what could have caused these fish to die all of the sudden? As stated earlier the earths methane releases reduce the oxygen in the water, which then causes them to die.

The next massive fish death has taken place in Gary Fleming in Bradshaw Brook near Bolton on Sunday.

“I saw about 60 dead fish on the surface, but there was some water that was so deep that you couldn’t see, there could have been hundreds. I got to the bottom of Jumbles reservoir and there was about a mile of water strewn with dead fish. It was very disturbing.” –

 source 2

Car And Train Crash

Police officers were dispatched to a vehicle vs commuter train crash which took place in North Main Street in Cohhaset. The driver of the car was not injured in this incident. –

Power Outages

Extreme winds of up to 90 mph caused major power outages in Northern Ireland on Wednesday night as a severe weather warning has been issued for the area.


A power outage has hit some business in downtown Amherst, as customers entered blue Marble gift story on Wednesday.

Another power outage halted a sports game as a North Carolina high school gym was left in the dark.

Thousands of people were left without power in north Salem, as a power outage was reported before noon Thursday. A down transmission line is said to be the cause of this particular power outage.

Three power outages have been reported in Cliffside park region in the last several weeks, affecting thousands of boroughs residents.

Here is a link that reveals what you can do to prepare for a power outage just in

Loud Booms Continue


Today we have a report of the loud booms which are being heard in Kentucky, this time in Montgomery county. Flashing lights were also reported in the area.    source 1   | source 2

Strange Building Collapse

collapse x

There was a ceiling collapse which took place in London, as over 80 people were injured in the Apollo theater.

“Nick Harding from Kingsland Fire Station said: “A section of the theatre’s ceiling collapsed onto the audience who were watching the show. The ceiling took parts of the balconies down with it.    He added: “In my time as a fire officer I’ve never seen an incident like this.” | source 2

 Freak Wave Washes 5 People Away

A group of five university of students went missing after they were washed away by a wave. There is one person who has survived, with one other person found

In closing, there is great opportunity in what lies ahead, do not let these difficult times, get the best of you, seize the day! – admin

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