Noah’s ark is one of the first things that come to mind when looking at this  boat shaped hotel.  Not sure if the hotel can float but the shape is interesting.

floating hotel

Wouldn’t be interesting if the bottom floor could deploy some type of flotation device?  One of the secrets is that you can’t hear any sound outside of the hotel, could this be some type of detention center to keep decedents?

This could also mean that the Denver airport is some type of ark city, where survivors of the poleshift will be able to gather.

This is not to say that is what this will be used for, just a thought, because when you see the horse of the apocalypse when you are entering the hotel, one has to wonder.


According to the article , quote:

“The building is shaped that way because the airport needed at least 500 rooms for the hotel to be financially viable” –

We’ll leave that open for you to decide, but we do find this news article intriguing because construction has been a very long term occurrence at the Denver “New world airport”. 

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