Today was a very strange day for viewing the skies, there was a blanket of clouds covering the the sun as it set. Let’s get right into the photo’s that we were able to capture today. The following photo’s are all taken facing south-west before sunset time.



What is view-able in this photo is what looks to be the planet of the crossing, aka planet x. Here is a larger photo of the image in question:



Here is the color enhanced version of the above image, the yellow color was increased:


It is crystal clear that the secondary object is not our sun, and it is separate from our own sun. Notice closely that the secondary object pops out away from the circular line that forms our sun.

Important update: look above the sun at the 1:00 position in the above image, and you can see multiple round spheres, clear as day! 

photoWhat’s in the above photo is very key to u understand, you have a light source that is above our sun, and a massive amount of chemtrails that is covering our sun. These are not real clouds, they do not dissipate like normal clouds, and they do not move. second sun, nibiru, system, No way is that some type of sun dog, or light reflection or refraction,  You can clearly see two light sources coming from this oribital of the planet x system.

px 3In the above image we can see an object with shadow below it, to the 5:00 position to the sun. 

light sources 3

The above image shows two separate light sources other than our own sun. All photo’s taken today reveal a massive fake cloud campaign to cover the planet x system up, but it is too late, it is now becoming more visible as it approaches.

Another magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck in the same area as reported on yesterday.




The below image sums up our deepest concerns as the planet x system approaches, and we would like to ask our readers do these earthquakes listed below look normal?:

not normal

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