The build up for a major disaster is on our face, the question is for what? Here is a list of just a few news headlines that makes it clear that there is in fact, a build up for a major catastrophe.

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If there was going to be a major worldwide disaster wouldn’t there be information related to this event? In the following article links will be left in blue,click on the blue lettered links for confirming the news story.

Date: Aug 16, 2007

Dennis Kucinich urgently asking if the U.S.A Is Ready For Disasters.

House Oversight Committee Hearing, 7/31/07: Mr. Matt Jadacki, Deputy Inspector General, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security, was asked exactly how prepared FEMA and Homeland Security are for a major disaster. source

Date: Uploaded on Oct 5, 2007

Peter DeFazio gives a speech on the house floor to fellow members discussing the fact that Bush Administration has denied the entire Dept of Homeland Security Committee access to the so-called detailed plans that the White House has drafted to ensure the continuity of government in case of a major terrorist attack or natural disaster.

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Rex 84

Date: Mar 22, 2009

FEMA Plan to suspend U S constitutional rights in case of major disaster.

The video of this discussion was at an earlier time, the YouTube video was posted in 2009. source

Date: Jun 13, 2011:

NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. sends out a Emergency Preparedness video to NASA employees warning them to prepare for disasters. Preparedness


Date : Feb 01, 2012

FEMA Temporary Housing Units


Date: June 26 2013

What would happen if a rogue planet made its way into the Solar System? – Weather Channel(video removed)

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Date: Oct 29, 2013

Motor Coaches For A President Announced Natural Disaster at the website. What natural disaster would be so bad that the president would have to make an announcement? 

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Date: February 02/11/2013

Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico,  240,000 hollow point round purchase.

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Date: March 20,2013

If a meteor is coming in three weeks” pray”:

Date: Mar 21, 2013

Dhs To Buy 360,000 More Rounds Of Hollow Point Ammunition

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Date: 6/06/13

Article published on highlights the numerous underground facilities across the world.

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Date: 8/1/2014

My Patriot Supply Reports Mass FEMA Food purchase and doesn’t want anyone to know.

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Date: August 17, 2013 8:14

Fema Region 3 Preparations

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Date: August 23, 2013

Strange Denver new world airport highlighted by truth stream media

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 Date: Aug 27, 2013

Napolitano Warns of ‘Serious’ Cyber Attack, Unprecedented Natural Disaster

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National Defense Authorization act passed,  permits the military to detain individuals indefinitely without trial.

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Date: 3/12/14

Gizmodo published an article on China’s ghost cities

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Date: September 29/2013

Puerto Rico Body Bags And Supplies Purchased

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Date: Dec 06, 2013

Government Buying 14 Million Potassium Iodide

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Date: May 7, 2014

Yellowstone Volcano Contingency Deal With Brazil

If the Yellowstone super volcano erupts than millions of U.S. citizens could end up in Brazil, Australia, or Argentina.

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Date:May 13, 2014

French Minister Says We Have 500 Days To Climate Chaos


Take note, the french minister was very specific, and mentioned 500 days, why didn’t he just say we might have future climate chaos? Instead, he said we have specifically 500 days to climate chaos.

Date: May 13, 2014

Pentagon plans for a zombie apocalypse


Obama Warns People To Prepare For Hurricanes

Date : May 30, 2014


Date:   August 18, 2014

Zombie preparedness on the cdc website?!


Date: August 28, 2014 highlights Brian Williams telling people to stock up on snacks and beverages because a comet is coming. If you try to find the original video clip of the Brian Williams comet ison announcement you will have trouble.

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Date : 9/6/2014

Strange article says comet debris or asteroid could destoy the planet by 2017?


Date: 9/24/2014  Just Today!

October is Zombie Preparedness Month In Kansas, i want you to notice the talk about tornadoes and storms. But isn’t the  preparation for zombies? Take note, over recent years popular video games such as resident evil, as well as movies like 28 days have been on the increase in recent years.


With the so many articles related to preparing for some type of disaster it is obvious that at this moment in time, it is a wise decision to be prepared. Of course, we could go on for months posting all of the pre-announcement news articles that are also taking place at the moment. read more

For additional information check out the link below:


Date: October 20th 2014

A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes from 2004-2014 and Implications for Cascadia

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Date: October 20th 2014

Fema Administrator Warns of Cellphone Vulnerabilities During Disasters

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Date: October 23rd 2014

Panasonic completes solar PV Installations for Hertz at Denver and St. Louis International Airports. This particular airport uses the most solar power than any other United States airport.

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Date: October 23rd 2014

Trulia’s Zombie Apocalypse Map Isn’t Trulia supposed to be about researching real estate?

click here for the map

The main reasons people buy solar panels is to reduce the amount they spend on energy bills, and to live off the grid, and not be fully dependent on the electrical grid if there is a disaster or power outage. As a side note remember that the Denver International Airport uses more solar power than any other airport read more here.

Date: October 24th 2014

Strange emergency alert message on television issued

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 Date: October 24th 2014 is showing the U.S population to drop dramatically, this is page was updated the exact same day the strange emergency alert message aired on national television.


Date: October 28th 2014

Viral news on days of darkness in December is hoax

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Date: October 28, 2014

U.S steps up security at govt buildings over attack threats

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Date: November 3rd 2014

America Ready To Be Split In Two?

 Date: November 19, 2014

NASA Scientist Warns Prepare Food and Guns as We Approaching the 2017 


Date: January 5th 2015

Cnn’s doomsday video is leaked on the internet :
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Date: Jan 23th 2015

Famous doomsday clock is move three minutes to midnight.

 Date: January 29th 2015

Mophie posts a strange commercial about the end of the world:


Date : February 12th 2015

Matt Drudge posts a tweet about Obama looking greasy during the Grammy Awards video clip:
“Hoarse, watery eyes. Like he knows something terrible coming. Very unsettling.”


Date: Feb 16, 2015

youtube channel

Date : March 2nd 2015

Thousands of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside of Underground Bunkers In America


Date: March 24th 2015

Jade Helm 15 massive military drill


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