A series of landslides occurred Saturday in County Antrim in Ireland, as tonnes of mud and rocks poured down the hill.

According to an eyewitness:

“We watched it for a couple of hours. I’ve never seen anything like this before and my father has farmed up there for 70 years and he’s never experienced anything like this in his life,” McAleese said.¬†source

After the massive landslide in Napal earlier in the month, more than 150 people have very little chance of being found as rescue crews struggled to dig through the piles of rock and mud.

Below is a picture of the landslide event:


Exploding Sinkholes ?

In one of our previous articles we highlighted a sinkhole in Florida that exploded into the air and then the road started sinking, listen to the eyewitness account at 1:38 into the video:

What’s interesting about this eyewitness account is the ground exploding in the air as if there is some type of underground gas movement taking place of some sort. Notice the large gas explosion event which took place in Taiwan:

The scene from this event looks as if it was from an action film, if you slow the video down the entire road explodes, and fire comes out of the ground lighting everything on fire and wreaking havoc for rescue crews. The ground must be getting stretched in order for this to be happening, and now there are sinkholes exploding?

Water Main Breakmeggedon

When you mention underground movement of planet x, you can’t help but to mention water main breaks. Which have been on the rise as of late, with so many of them happening that a picture is worth a thousands words. Here is a picture of some of the headlines from water main breaks that have occurred recently:

water maingeddon

Is a mixture of ground motion, and methane releases causing so much chaos deep beneath earths service, the answer to that is yes.

( see the following link here)

 Fireball In The United Kingdom


A strange-looking fireball was seen in Cheltenham on Sunday, with an eyewitness saying the following:

“Was a big flash then looked like something falling on fire, happened last night. The picture was taken from Benhall. I zoomed in on it on my camera for a few shots.” –¬†

There was a total of 27 reports of fireballs seen ove CA, KY, MD, MI, NC, NJ, OH, PA,TN VA& WI and one other report in Pakistan.



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