Florida is known for it’s nice beaches, but sinkholes are starting to become something that Florida is known for as of late. A large sinkhole swallowed a smart car yesterday, as a woman had to grab her belongings and get out of the smart care before it filled up:

Location: Jacksonville Florida

The next sinkhole took place yesterday as a man fell into a 70 foot sinkhole and passed away after going on a hunting trip. This was an accident, as the man couldn’t see the giant sinkhole in the foliage.

Location: Buckhorn MO


Damage increased at a sinkhole located in a west knox home, as an entire driveway sunk into the earth. Here is a photo of the damage from the event below:

sinkhole 2

Image source:

Location: Knoxville TN

Train And Bus Collide In Canada


At the time it is unclear what took place in Ottawa Canada today, as the an investigation

is being launched by checking the black box of the train. Six people were killed in this

wreck, with a dozen people sent to the hospital. Another train wreck took place earlier in canada on July 6th as an oil train exploded in Lac Megantic Quebec, killing 47 people.


Drought Conditions Worsen

Worldwide Drought Map

In Des Moines Iowa, heat and low rainfall levels have increased the severity of crop conditions. The Midwest and South of the United States is experiencing harsh rainfall conditions.

From Kentucky to Tennessee there is good news, as the drought looks better than one month ago.


In Bihar India drought conditions worsen as the government declared a drought for 33 of 38 districts in the area. Bihar’s rain deficit of 37 per cent during this sowing season has led the

state government to declare a drought in 33 out of the 38 districts.


Gas Explosions

A mega explosion destroyed a home in a Connecticut neighborhood as flames spread to at least three houses, causing heavy damage.



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