In numerology there are positive and negative traits behind each number & letter. Those who own and control this world are more on the negative side of the scale.

Before I get into the numerology behind Clif High I’m going to talk about the signs and symbols of him being affiliated with the Freemasons, and go from there.

Signs & Symbols

At 3:19 in a video clip Clif high talks about the grander population of the United States, and then he uses the masonic hand gesture and states” Then there is a population that cares about the presidential election“. source

He could have been making a reference to the Freemasons, who use the hand gestures he uses in this video clip:

The satanic colors of red and black can be seen in his logo as well:

Notice the skeleton in the logo which could be paying homage to skull and bones at Yale:

Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret society at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

It is the oldest senior class landed society at Yale. The society’s alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, owns the society’s real estate and oversees the organization.

The society is known informally as “Bones”, and members are known as “Bonesmen“.

False Predictions Via The Web Bot

March 2009- Nov 2009 predictions

1. The dollar is under pressure, and all currencies.

2. November 5th 2009, the U.S administration will find itself in a dire set of circumstances that will extend to February 2010.

3. The Global coastal event will effect U.S from may all they until the fall.

4. Expect to see disruptions of the pacific coast ports

5. Some level of change in the populace , who will be effected by time, different from the main populace of the planet .

Of course none of these predictions came true, and there is even a prediction about a global coastal event that didn’t happen either.

Has anybody actually seen the web bot that Cliff High uses? Anybody?

Clif high tells us that the web bot might not be accurate , but if it’s not, why post these videos if it continues to fail?

Remember, Clif High and his associate keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website. source

So Clif keeps the actual program top secret, just like many high level Freemasons keep the secrets/history/knowledge of antiquity secret for the most part.

Cliff  Anagrams

An anagram is when you take a word and scramble it to find different meanings of the word. Here is a list of anagrams that were decoded for Clif High’s first name:

  • CFLI -Common Language products combine numerics and mnemonics to establish naming conventions that telecommunication companies use to exchange critical information via Operations Support Systems and other interface mechanisms.

This anagram is interesting because the web bot is supposed to use numerics and web language.

  • CIFL – CIFL (AM), a radio station (1450 AM) licensed to Fraser Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Clif high was apart of radio broadcasts in the past and present.
  • C.L.I.F. – Is a police procedural series produced by MediaCorp Singapore in 2011. A police procedural is a crime drama, and that is what we are witnessing with the false predictions of Clif high in the past/present. source

Clif publishes the Alta Report, Alta is an anagram for Ta’al which is an Israeli Arab political party in Israel led by Ahmad Tibi. Remember Israel is the state of the Zionist Jews and the Illuminati.


Clif High -Numerology

Pythagorean numerology is the primary form that I use to decode people/news/and events. Once again, there are always two sides to every number and letter vibration.

Letters generate sound, which is simply vibration, and letters have meaning.

There is a C & L in his first name that = 33 in Pythagorean numerology. C = 3rd letter of the alphabet , L is the 12th letter 1+2 = 3 and that gives you 33 combining these two letters.

On the negative side of the 33 vibration we have the following words that sum to 33:

  • Doomsday = 33
  • Holocaust = 33
  • Calamitous =33

Remember Clif High is secret about the actual web bot and how it works, and he displayed the masonic hand gesture:

  • Masonry =33
  • Secrecy = 33
  • DeathStar= 33

When you look at his name Clif High, it reminds me of a high cliff which doesn’t sound like a real name to me. Usually a high cliff is something that scares many people, and no doubt fear was generated with his untruthful predictions.

  • Untruths = 33 in Pythagorean numerology

Write out the word “Thirty Three” = 66, church of Satan was founded in 66, and the stars in the Clif High logo resemble the satanic number to the left of the satanic star.

Clif High = 53 in Pythagorean numerology , Crisis Actor= 53 , reverse 35, End Times = 35. So what this could be suggesting is that he is a crisis actor for end times.

Write out 53 as a word ” Fifty Three” = 59, reversed = 95, and Brianwash = 95 in Pythagorean numerology.

53 is the 16th prime number, 16 corresponds to the 16th tarot card which is sudden losses and experiences. (1) The individual with a (6) lack of harmony when looking at the negative aspect of Clif high.

I’m leaning more towards the negative aspect to Clif High due to the false predictions and secrecy around how the web bot actually works.

Clif high in English Ordinal/simple Gematria = 62, Mason = 62 in simple gematria.

Clif High in Jewish Gematria = 70 , Economic Collapse = 70 , and he did speak on economic collapse happening but it didn’t happen. 

A quick note on economic collapse, the Illuminati know when they will pull the plug on the global economy but people trying to make predictions often fail.

Web Bot = 22 , liar = 22 , Satanic = 22 in Pythagorean numerology, and 22 is one of the master numbers   (11+11). I found it interesting that cliff high gave a good interview on water, and people with 22 numerology associated with them benefit from living near water.

As i pointed out by others, people like Nancy Lieder and other deceivers mix truth with lies, so this numerology is not saying that everything Clif mentioned was a lie.

  • Write “Twenty Two” = 39 , Master Mason = 39,  scam business = 39 in Pythagorean numerology.

Another note to understand is that the most accurate numerology readings will be when you match the numerology type with the same type.

Half Past Human = 50/5 , so this slogan is referring to the 5 human senses when we look at the root number 5.

When we look at the first letters of Half Past Human or HPH or 8- 16- 8 ,  8 is a picture of “the below that rises above.”

It came to represent the law “As Above, So Below,” for by studying man and the world around us, we come to understand the worlds above—the Universe and spiritual man.

8 also represents the celestial orbits, and the cycles of life. 16 is the karmic number for sudden losses/experiences, so what this telling us is that Half Past Human is affecting the cycle (8) of bad karma(16) below/on earth going above(8) in the spiritual plane.

The sum of the letters HPH = 8+1+6+8 = 23, 2 is the female number, and 3 is the male number. When you add 2+3 = 5 which makes up the 5 human senses, hence the name Half past Human. 

The number between 1-10 is 5, and isn’t interesting the half past human reduces down to 5(50/5)?

His associate George Ure = 53 in Pythagorean numerology, Mind Control = 53

  • Cliff High = 53, Clif and George refer to themselves as Time Monks = 53.

One of the other people that tried to predict end times was Edgar Cayce, and his birth date sums to 35 the reflection of 53.

  • Psychic = 35

Based on this reading I would say that Clif High is involved in some type of secretive mind control program being played on the public. The algorithm  is kept secret, and therefore no disclosure leaves me in doubt of his Alta reporting.

From the looks of things, it is getting hard to find a source of mostly truth in this world today.


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