United Kingdom – Many homeowners in the UK are being warned of the risk of more flooding over the next 48 hours as what is likely to be the wettest year on record. Heavy rain is expected to fall across most

of the United Kingdom tonight and tomorrow  More flooding could take place over the next couple of days, and lead to flooding in areas where the ground is already saturated and rivers, along with groundwater levels remaining high.
At the current time there are 191 flood alerts and 79 flood warnings taking place.

Iraq – Some of the worst flooding in years is taking place in Iraq, with 3 days of heavy rain effecting the area. Many areas of the capital are completely flooded, with

poor infrastructure, which includes a lack of sewage lines, which makes that situation that much more difficult to handle.



Bangkok – Floods in the area have been triggered by torrential monsoon rains in Malaysia and Southern Thailand which forced residents to leave

their homes. In Malaysia, there have been 14,000 people that have left their homes and seek shelter at relief centres, the official Bernama news agency mentioned.

Heavy rain and high tide flooded hundreds of homes in 3 northeastern states – Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan- with some 13,746 people moved to evacuation centres, roads are closed and those who have evacuated continue to rise.

jakarta, floods, flooding

Jakarta – There is currently a huge wall up to stop the ocean from swamping parts of Jakarta.

There are some suburbs in the capital that have already gone underwater, and the problem looks to be getting even worse.
Jakarta is sinking up to 10 centimeters a year and indonesia’s national disaster centre says that many large cities in the region will be

inundated by 2030.

The times that we live in today are very challenging, and is there an explanation for so much flooding taking place? Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s explain what is taking place as plates sink:

“ZetaTalk Prediction 2/26/2011: What will happen to the entire island structure during the massive plate adjustments pending? The Philippine Islands ride on the edge of the Eurasian Plate tongue holding Indonesia.

As such they are subject to being crushed from the east and pushed down, simultaneously. As has been noted during the sinking of the tongue, the sinking has not been uniform. The plate tongue is folding like an accordion, so that portions sink, other portions rise, and all are buckling and crumbling. It is not possible, even for ourselves, to predict exactly which island in the Philippines will be affected, and in what way, by the multiple actions that will be taking place.

The Philippine Plate is plunging under them, from the east. There is pressure from the east, so that the islands will buckle, weak points either rising up or dropping, suddenly, creating a jumble. And meanwhile, the islands are being drawn down as the tongue slips under the curve under Sumatra and Java. 

Does the establishment in the Philippines own and admit to the 40 foot loss of elevation? They admit to sinking, and being below sea level in places, but claim a slow and slight process of several centimeters per year. Not of course due to the sinking of the Sunda Plate, and not of course due to the accuracy of ZetaTalk or the presence of Planet X. Those are forbidden subjects.” –zetatalk.com

Flooding will be an ongoing topic to keep track of moving forward, as more flooding and plate sinking continues to take place.

Earthquake Activity


There was a moderate 3.0 earthquake that took place near Petrolia, California according to the U.S Geological survey. According to the USGS, the epicenter was 29 miles from Eureka and 189 miles from Sacramento.

In the past ten days, there have been no earthquakes in the area.

Here is a list of earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater:

5.0 8km NNE of Cacahoatan, Mexico 15.058°N 92.140°W 113.9
5.2 112km ENE of Pisac, Peru 12.878°S 70.974°W 41.5
5.2 58km WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico 14.525°N 92.927°W 35.5
5.1 115km NW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia 1.574°N 126.690°E 58.5
5.0 52km WSW of Tugu Hilir, Indonesia 7.051°S 105.220°E 34.9
5.2 Scotia Sea 60.930°S 36.967°W 10.0

Volcanic Activity 


KVERT is reporting tremor activity along with ongoing fissure eruption at Plosky Tolbachik. Volcanic activity has reduced at San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua, however, seismicity at the volcano in the form

of tremors and earthquakes, has not returned to background level.

The alert level has been reduced at the Capahue volcano located at the Chile-Argentina border, as a result of much reduced siesmicity.
Eruptions are on teh rise at Tungurahua volcano, and they are obscured by inclement weather there. Much reduced seismicity at Reventador volcano belies continued small outbursts at the Ecuadoran peak.

Volcanic tremor remains elevated and unstable at White Island volcano in New Zealand, while wind noise complicates seismographs for Tongariro and Ruapehu volcanoes.



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