Recently, we had an idea that consisted of comparing the Louisiana sinkhole to the previous size of the sinkhole. So what we did was find 2 different video fly over’s, one dating back to August 4th 2012 and the other dating to the 24th of October.

If you look at both images you will notice that the latest photo shows dead tree’s and the middle of the road sinking:

August 4th 2012 Louisiana Sinkhole Flyover

Here is the second image, which show’s gas coming out of the sinkhole, and also many dead trees around the sinkhole on October 24 2012.

October 24th Flyover

A picture is worth a thousand words here, with many of the trees that once separated the road and the sinkhole now gone, and most of the road now turned into slosh. The biggest concern that we have as researchers is the dying of the tree’s in the area, and how far spread the dying of the tree’s have become as well as the methane gas that is coming out of the area.

Here is the video where we found more information about the latest fly over:

This is a complete disaster, and even though you barely hear a word from most mainstream media outlets about the sinkhole, you probably will know very soon, especially if you live in the Assumption Parish area.

Earthquakes Reported At The Sinkhole 

Youtuber Idahopicker has some interesting details to share with you about the recent earthquakes reported at the sinkhole.

Overall, earthquake increases have picked up dramatically over time, and the Idahopicker has made another great video on the earthquake increases:

Just looking at the chart in the video, you get a sense of what is going on around you. Yes, there are those who try to downplay things like everything is ok, but the perception is often different from the realities of the world in which we all live.

The truth is that clearly, the area around the sinkhole is sinking, and conditions are deteriorating fast.

 A 2 Minute Earth Change Update For October 25th 2012

One of the latest youtube channels that we found useful is the suspiciousobservers channel which covers the news on earth in 2 minutes:

These news updates keep you up to date about what is going on, and keep you up to date with what is taking place, using a bigger picture and scope of things.

We Are In The Midst Of Pole Shift 

With all of the earthquake increases, volcanic activity, animal deaths, billionaire bunkers, and many other things taking place, it is becoming more clear to the common man and woman who something is definitely wrong with the earth. And that parts of the earth are sinking, with epic flooding taking place all over the world.

Preparing For A Pole Shift

 Having access to clean, purified water is a great place to start looking into preparing for the coming pole shift. Humans can live without food for weeks but not without water for weeks. From our research a berkey water filter can be a good investment and if you want more information on water filtration, we recommend checking out the following website:


Freeze dried food that lasts for a very long time can be a great investment, as we all need to eat. And there are several places you can purchase freeze-dried food on the internet, such as Some freeze-dried foods don’t taste as good as other websites such as food from

Always remember that basic wheat rice with beans can provide you with most of what you need when it comes to food storage, so don’t think you have to spend thousands of dollars on food if you want to stock up.


For protection, it is completely up to you, just think of the scenario where desperate people will steal from you. People steal from others when there isn’t any major calamity or catastrophe, and they will most definitely steal from you if there is a major  disaster to take place, there is a lot of good information online about how to protect your family in these changing times.

Of course those are just a few basic things you can do to survive, and there are more than enough websites that will help you become comfortable in the case of an extinction level event.

Stay tuned…

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