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A slightly damaging 4.7 earthquake struck in Serbia, at a shallow depth of 2 km, and one person reported feeling the earthquake for 5-10 seconds as it struck. An additional 4.0 earthquake struck in Oklahoma which was felt near the surface at 10 km.

A  strong 5.6 earthquake struck South Of Panama at a depth of 2km, this is another near surface quake in the area of recent volcano activity in South America. Another 4.3 earthquake was felt in Central Iran at 10 km in-depth.

3/8/2015  – A small earthquake measuring 3.8 in magnitude was felt in Crete Greece at a shallow depth of 2km. There were a total of seven 4.0 – 4.9 earthquakes  with the strongest earthquake in Honshu Japan being a 4.7 in magnitude.

One of the more rare  earthquakes struck in Kingston Tennessee which was a 2.5 tremor,  just off to the right of the New Madrid Seismic zone. This earthquake was picked up as far as  states such as Mississippi on the Rev stations.

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San Cristobal is experiencing a flurry of long period tremor activity, with the 5.6 earthquake south of Panama striking 1,284 km away.

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Reventador is showing continued long period tremor activity with strong seismic signals showing  today. Reventador is currently under watch closely with so many recent eruptions happening in this region.


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Fuego(Guatemala) -In the past week the Fuego volcano in Guatemala is showing long period tremor activity, there is possibility for an eruption. This region as well as parts of South America has been active as late, with San Cristobol rumbling on March 6th 2015, and Villarica erupting this past week.

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Lliamna volcano is showing long period tremor signals, near an area that is very active with earthquakes due to the crust that is shifting along the coast of Alaska. This friction that occurs creates many of the groups of earthquakes being witnessed in Alaska at the moment.

 Yellowstone – Yellowstone experienced a small number of earthquakes yesterday, with no earthquakes to report for today – source

 Day Time Fireball

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It’s not too often that you see a daytime fireball, but in Perth and South West Australia there was a possible fireball seen going across the sky. The fireball triggered phone calls by concerned citizens as some reported a bright flash seen in the sky.

How rare is it to see these bright displays in the sky? According to one expert , quote:

That must have been a pretty big object to be visible in the daytime,” he said.

Sun Activity And Radio Blackouts – On March 7th  sunspot AR2297 generated a strong enough solar flare to create a moderate HF radio blackout on the day side of the planet. source

 Wild Weatheritaly snowing

Records broken

Drought conditions in California just broke a 120 year record , with the driest January ever recorded.  – source

Just this past Friday snow was witnessed in Huntington beach and there was snow on the ground. In Redondo Beach waterspouts were reported in Los Angles as well. –source

In the Sierra’s the snow-pack remains at close to record low temperatures. – source

Just yesterday Italy recorded 10 feet/ 3 meters of snow in Passolanciano Majella which buried snow lifts in the area. – source

In the past 18 hours Italy has broken new records with a whopping 8.34ft in the province of Isernia and 7.84 ft in the province of L’Aquila.

According to the news headlines some people could not get out of their homes , here is a video showing the massive amount of snow that has fallen today:

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