It is no longer a conspiracy theory, the evidence for planet x started with the discovery of planet x in the 50’s, and Robert S Harrington carrying on the planet x research in the 1980’s with Robert S Harrington.

Newspapers ran wild with the story, and then all of the sudden the news reports stopped in the year 2000 and it turns out that around 9 months later September 11th 2001 occurred, and the entire world’s attention was placed on that single event.

The question is why? Our reason for this based upon the facts, is that the planet x newspapers that were published back then, were very well known and popular at the time of them being published.

Researches and scientists who were tracking planet x back then, maybe found it in the late 90’s and that it was going to be coming our way, and the governments of the world did not want to incite panic among the general population so they ended up covering it up with a giant false flag attack on the world trade centers to shift the attention to one global event.


This article which dates back to the 50’s states that planet x should have been called Lowell after the late director of the observatory since a calculated that an object beyond Neptune must be there.

There is a long list of evidence for planet x, and there is a long list of ancient evidence for planet x with its many names.

Ancient Knowledge Of  Planet X

 Kolbrin Bible – The kolbrin bible is one of the first books that researchers highlight when mentioning planet x. The reason being is because the kolbrin vividly describes a world-changing event of epic proportions. Comprised of 11 books, the first 6 were written by Egyptian academics and scribes after the Exodus.

The following are a few excerpts out of he kolbrin:

  • Manuscripts 3:4When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.
  • Manuscripts 3:6The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battle-cry of the DESTROYER and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth. Terror will eat away their hearts, and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be eaten up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the DESTROYER. source
  • Manuscripts 3:9…the hour of the DESTROYER is at hand.
  • Manuscripts 3:10In those days, men will have the Great Book before them [upon its return], wisdom will be revealed, the few will be gathered for the stand, it is the hour of trial. The dauntless ones (the stouthearted) will survive …

It is pretty clear that the kolbrin describes an event which changed everything on planet earth causing great upheavals and destruction.

There is a saying which goes like this ” If you want to hide something from people, “put it in a book” and isn’t interesting how digital technology is so prominent in today’s world? It is almost as if the powers that be know that our digital age will be affected by the planet x object, and they want to have control over information present and in the past, information such as the kolbrin bible.

During the previous times planet x passed through our inner solar system signs were left to describe the event, such as the layout at Avebury, in England. In Ohio there is also the Serpent Mound which was surveyed in 1846.

It could be that the two ground-based layouts are the Destroyer accompanied with its meandering comet-like serpentine tail as described in The Kolbrin Bible.  Chinese mythology speaks of a celestial dragon chasing a red pearl with the clouds above.

 The Lemurians

Atlantis is well-known and documented case of a continent disappearing, but have you heard about Lemuria? Most history books forget about this lost continent which once existed in the Pacific. Researchers know that it should have been included in your school history books, but like many things, it’s not.

One such educational book that does include Lemurian history was published by an obscure Rosicrucian sect called The Stelle Group or The Lemurian Fellowship based out of Stelle, Illinois and San Jose, California respectively.

In the book The Ultimate Forntier the jacket cover says the following about what is discussed inside:

– Evidence of a magnificent civilization that once flourished on the now submerged continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.

Like many ancient underwater cities, one has to wonder what took place to cause such a dramatic event? Most likely a pole shift, but the question is then what is causes the poleshift? A magnetic body passing near-by such as nibiru could most certainly cause a pole-shift.

And this knowledge long forgotten, must have been held from the general population by those who seek to keep the public’s eyes closed to important historical events.


The above map was obtained from Lemuria—Lost Continent in the Pacific ©1931 (Exhibit C) published by the AMORC Rosicrucians of San Jose, California. It shows a submerged Lemuria after the cataclysmic pole-shift. Note also the Brazilian Amazon Sea.

“… The Ultimate Frontier states that Lemuria had been a large continent in the pacific which had encompassed all the present-day Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Oceania, western North America, and everything in between. The continents’s real name had been Mukulia or Mu…’

The Formation Of Mountains

Mountains hold a lot of significance to many different people, noah’s ark landing in Ararat, and Moses talking to god. Even the american native Indians speak of Mt Shasta and Teton mountain range.

How are these great mountain ranges formed? If you guessed poleshift due to planet x passing by, you would be correct. Of course the idea of pangea and millions

of years passing by for continents to shift is mentioned in the education systems history books, geologists do not realize there are other conditions at play in mother nature. And that is the destroyer aka niburu, which would create gravitational pressures which would build up between the two magnetic fields which results in a pole-shift.

“A fire goes before Him and burns up his enemies all around. His [cosmic] lightning flashes in the sky [within the upper atmosphere]. When the people see it, they tremble. The MOUNTAINS MELT LIKE WAX before the Lord.”

Psalm 97 verses 3-5.

An easy way to discredit the notion that it takes millions and billions of years for continents to rise and fall, is to simply look at the island that formed after a 7.7 earthquake in Pakistan shortly after, rapid continent building in mere minutes.


 Current Effects

It used to be a debatable topic back in 2008 and even 2010, but there is no logical way that you can look at what is taking place on planet earth and say that everything is normal. Take note that these record-breaking events all occurred in 2013 and each broke the record books.

Widest Tornado Ever

  • Wider than any tornado ever observed
  • killed 18 people, including 4 storm chasers
  • Almost broke the wind speed record with gusts at 269 mph

Worst Landslide In U.S History

  • Around 165 tons moved at more than 120 mph, even up to 200 mph.
  • Most expensive landslide in history
  • Slowed down silver production dramatically


Most Powerful Hurricane In Recorded History

  •  Nearly 13 million people have been affected 
  • Strongest tropical cyclone to ever make landfall
  • Wind gusts: Up to 235 miles per hour


 2013 Earth Changes Recap



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