One of our readers sent us an email describing a dream that they experienced, quote:

“In the dream I was trying to warn everyone that planet X was out there and everyone ignored me, as the dream progressed my friends were driving to six flags magic mountain (theme park) and as we got out of the car I looked up and saw a red orb next to the sun and I started freaking out, and shortly after that the dream ended. I was shocked at how real the dream felt, it was almost as if it actually happened”

Of course our readers are not the only group of people who are having dreams of red planets in the sky, here is a YouTube viewer who is also having dreams about planet X and world catastrophe’s:


Here is another report of a dream taking place from a member of the forum:

I had this dream yesterday while cat-napping:

I was on back deck of friends house star-gazing when we noticed something strange to the right of the quarter moon. I looked like a second moon in the sky but just a little smaller than our moon. It had a slight crescent glow on the right side but you could see that it was a large round planet or what appeared to be a second moon in our night sky. 

We kept getting frustrated because the clouds were out and kept blocking our ability to get a good look at it at first. Finally, the clouds broke and we could really see it to the right of the moon. As we were all staring at it, I received a vision of what it was (like a flash picture that happened in an instant). The vision was that it was a red planet with wings spanning out and up on both sides. I knew instantly that what we were looking at was Planet X but as I tried to explain this to our friends, they had never heard of this before and laughed and rolled their eyes.

Finally I gave up trying to explain and went in to tuck our kids in (we were spending the night with these friends apparently) but when I tried to turn the kids bedroom light off, it wouldn’t turn off, then I tried to turn off their tv but it wouldn’t turn off either. So I went to another bedroom where the light was off and tried to turn it on but couldn’t, like none of the switches worked. From my dream, I just remembered that we were all extremely put out by the electrical problems and not knowing what was causing them.

I remember going on to bed excited that Planet X might be bigger by the next night and then my friends would believe me when they could have a better look. The next morning appeared normal, we got up, kids went out to play and adults took our coffee on the back deck to watch the kids. 

While we are sitting there, we begin to hear something coming through the woods behind the house. We never saw what it was but it sounded HUGE, almost metallic (like giant robots) and terrifying! We could see the treetops moving and in my dream, I KNEW what we were seeing had everything to do with the two “moons” we saw the night before, I don’t know how but I just knew they were connected. 

Panic seemed to break out everywhere. Neighbors are throwing things in their cars and trying to leave, people several houses down begin to scream like they are being attacked though we can’t see what was causing it, we are all yelling for our kids but they can’t hear us over the noise and they seem disoriented. 

Finally, my husband is able to grab our kids and throw them in our van as I run around to the passenger door. Just as I do, a man comes through the woods toward our vehicle. His shirt around the neck is covered with blood and his neck looks like he has been attacked but he is calmly walking towards us, staring at us. He has something in his hand but I can’t remember what it was. I got the sense that whatever attacked him has now made HIM a threat to us. 

I got in the car and screamed for everyone to lock the doors. I don’t recall praying but rather screaming “Jesus, Help!” over and over. The man walked slowly past our car while staring at us and, once cleared, we sped away from the neighborhood. I remember my husband and I being very upset about not knowing where we were going to go to be safe as it seemed what we were experiencing was happening everywhere. That’s when I woke up.

Now I don’t know if this could be prophetic or a product of my overactive imagination, I pray it is the latter. However, if it is prophetic, what struck me most was the suddenness of sheer chaos! We went from sipping coffee and waving at the neighbors to screaming and running for our lives, as though there was absolutely NO WARNING! 

This is the fourth detailed dream of “doom” I have had in the span of 6 months. All very detailed and viewed as if watching a movie. Most of my dreams are sporatic and resemble more flash images until recently. 

I don’t know what to make of this. But I will say, if I happen to see what looks like two moons in the sky anytime soon, I will NOT be calmly sipping coffee the next morning! –

Could this all be a coincidence? Or is a much larger picture being painted? Is it possible that the passing of planet X previously was so dramatic that many are having visions from the past? There area  a lot of possibilities,  however, looking at recent events, such as the blood red “algae” in Australia:


The evidence is suggesting that indeed something is happening to our planet, and other planets in our galaxy.

Earthquake Activity


A strong earthquake hit the eastern part of Indonesia with no reports of damages or loss of life. The earthquake measured 5.5 on the Richter scale and was centered 56 kilometers under the ocean. A seismologist named Fauzi mentioned that there was no risk of a tsunami.

The earthquake was felt, and here is what a resident in the area had to say:

“We felt it for a few seconds … but it did not disturb our activities,”

Another small magnitude 4.2 earthquake took place in Quebec early this morning, with no damage reported. This earthquake took place at 3 a.m Eastern Time just east of Matane on Gaspe Peninsula.

Many police received several 911 calls following the earthquake, with no damage reported in the area.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes from the website:

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.1 96km ENE of Chichi-shima, Japan 27.253°N 143.168°E 61.3
5.5 183km W of Tual, Indonesia 5.404°S 131.112°E 56.0
5.6 80km ENE of Barranca, Peru 4.508°S 76.051°W 120.0 

Volcanic Activity 


There were several news reports that indicated an eruption at Plosky Tolbachik, which was a rare eruption after 36 years of dormancy.

KVERT reported a 4 centimeter depth ashfall from a probable flank fissure extended up to 35 km from the volcano yesterday.

There was volcanic tremor activity that increased and became continuous again at Pacaya volcano during the past 24 hours.

Tremor activity is also up at the Ruapehu volcano in New Zealand, along with small local earthquakes in the area.

Many researchers, photographers, and thrill seekers have come out to take photo’s of the volcano. And the good news is that this volcano will not be affecting communities in the area, with the nearest town being a half a mile away.

Epic Storm At Saturns North Pole


Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft has captured an epic storm taking place. You can click here to see a high resolution image of the storm.


There have been other large storms taking place on Saturn in 2010 and 2011.





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