The following photo’s are very important, they show the sky still having a deep red color long after the sun has set below the horizon. The sun is setting south west from the state of Mississippi at this time of year.

DSCF1082The sun is to the bottom left hand corner of this image, and what we can see is a light source on the far right side of this photo.


In the above image we are facing directly west , the camera does this photo no justice because the sky was much more red then the photo.


At a later time we can see the brightness to the western sky, as the sun sets to the bottom left hand side. Once again the sky is more red then what the final photo looks like.


Realizing we didn’t have the time stamp on the camera settings we added the time stamp on the bottom right which is showing 5:58 pm. The sun sets at 5:47 in the area this photo was taken, and we are facing directly west in this photo.


Here we can see the multiple light colors, very vibrant with yellow, orange, pink, and red.


Here is where things start getting very interesting, we are facing west, and it is now 23 minutes after sunset. Look at how the sky brightens long after the sun has gone below the horizon line. Notice the brightness to the north-west on the right hand side of the image behind the trees, and the red color in the area were we captured the winged globe.

Key points to remember:

  • The sun is below the horizon
  • The sun is on the far left hand side of this photo
  • Venus is off to the far left of this photo



Starry night sky  chart link

Pay attention closely to the following image:



It is 6:10 pm , and the sun is  now below the horizon and look at the color of the sky facing north west, can’t say that is the sun/venus generating that kind of red/yellow glow.


Now it is a bit easier to see just how red the sky is, once again facing directly west.

planet x sunset

Here is your overwhelming proof of the planet x system even further, it is now 6:22 pm and the entire skyline facing west turns a deep red/orange and yellow color, no way is that the sun / venus. This is facing directly west after sunset time , and the sun is  to the far bottom left of this photo.


Yet another photo, showing that deep red color to the sky, so yes red skies at night! Uh Oh.


A staggering 35 minutes after sunset and we have this color to the the sky. Question to the skeptics , how can the sun/venus produce red light facing south, west, north, and over head?  Answer: it cannot, so there is something else that is out there causing this.

Youtube Videos & Suspicious Observers Channel

At the current time we will not be able to make youtube videos until we get our equipment back up and running. We cannot use the speakers on the computer that we are operating for some strange reason, and every time we make a video camtasia is not responding.

Keep in mind, this is a software that costs us $299.00 and was the halmark for our work, so now it looks as if we will have to acquire a new laptop as well as screen capture software to make youtube videos.

This is not a bad thing though, because YouTube has changed, we visited the wonderful suspicious observers YouTube channel, and we were mocked , ridiculed, and called trolls after a very small disagreement.


We do not wish to start anything with anyone, we simply shared a photo, and immediately it was mentioned that the photographer photo-shopped the image, even though the winged globe was behind the telephone wires :-).

The burden of proof is on the person that makes the claim, and his claim was that we photo-shopped the image and made it all up, well guess what? we didn’t!

Read the full discussion here and decide who is the real troll 

If the object in question were a lens flare, then why is it behind the wire and not in front of the wire?

planet x two


planet x orbital

On a side note: Thank you Matthew for letting us know about our typing error, your help is much appreciated.

Thank you all for reading


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  1. Did you mean to say the sun sets in the southwest? I’m pretty sure the sun never sets in the southeast, even in Mississippi. It rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest this time of year. Also, as far as I know, Venus has absolutely no effect on the colors of the sky and never has. It’s the brightest star in the sky, but that’s about it. Even the NASA shills should know that.