Earthquake Activity

Early Sunday morning there was an earthquake reported near Hawaii which measured a 3.9 on the richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was 26 miles southeast of Pahala, 27 miles east-southeast of Naalehu, 53 miles south of Hilo.

“Hawaii has a long recorded history of tsunamis,” according to the US Geological Survey. “Tsunamis have come from both earthquakes around the Pacific rim or ‘Ring of Fire,’ termed teletsunamis or far-field tsunamis, and from earthquakes and landslides near Hawaii, termed local tsunamis. One of the largest and most devastating tsunamis Hawai’i has experience was a teletsunami in 1946 from an earthquake along the Aleutian subduction zone. Runup heights reached a maximum of 33-55 feet and 159 people were killed.

Other important teletsunamis include one from the 1960 M=9.5 earthquake in southern Chile and one from the 1964 M=9.2 earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska. Local tsunamis have also hit Hawaii, primarily from earthquakes and large-scale subsidence along the south flank of Kiluea. The largest of these were in 1868 that killed 81 people and in 1975. Overall, approximately 32 tsunamis with runup > 1 meter have occurred in Hawaii since 1811.” –

Other significant earthquakes measuring magnitude 5.0 or higher for 11/25/2012 include:


M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.3 60km W of Bantogon, Philippines 6.461°N 123.494°E 600.3
5.1 38km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 38.288°N 141.714°E 49.6

Video Of Two Suns In Russia


This looks to be a video that was taken from an earlier date, interesting to say the least.

What Is Causing The Weather To Go Up And Down?



According to the above video, global warming is the cause of the drastic weather changes that take place on a daily basis. Supposedly “Scientists” that were never disclosed say that everyone should get used to the change in weather patterns as global warming takes hold. Could it be possible that something else is causing the earth changes? Maybe the wobble of the earth’s axis because of planet X? Here is an interesting video that let’s you decide for yourself:


Flooding Continues


There was a reported 500 homes that were flooded and a woman was killed as severe flooding swept parts of the England area. The Prime Minister David Cameron pledged government assistance as officials advised against traveling in affected areas.

More rain is expected for the area, and 250 flood warnings have been placed across the area.

“We have particularly found that people are still trying to get home and make their way to their properties, but of course some of this water is now contaminated with sewage, and of course that could cause people health problems if they continue to ignore the advice.” 

Eddy Carroll, the Met Office’s chief forecaster, said: “The current very unsettled run of weather is set to continue with further spells of wet and windy weather expected across the country over the next few days. Further rain moving in from the west on Sunday continues the risk for further flooding and travel disruption.

“Along with the heavy rain, strong winds may add to the potential for travel disruption, especially across southern Britain. Winds gusting to 50 or 60mph are expected across southern counties of England.” –

In previous articles we have reported the widespread flooding taking place all across the world with a simple Google search:

Red Rain Mystifies Scientists

Just recently we highlighted the red rain that showered the Sri Lanka region. Now many scientists who have studied the

rain showers have no idea where the red rain has come from, which leave many scientists to believe that the rain is extraterrestrial in origin.

Much of he red rain which caused fear and panic in four different areas such as Monaragala, Polonnaruawa, Sewanagala and Manampitiya leaving red frost in the latter two districts, is still making scientists scratch their head.

Along with the alien red rain, there has also been an allergic outbreak in school children which many scientists are still trying to work out at the time.

“This is a very rare and unusual occurrence as we have never experienced red rain in this country before. But whatever microorganisms we have been looking at, appear to be living natural organisms usually found in contaminated water, which we can’t co-relate to the red rain,” said Dr Pathirage.

No definite conclusion has been reached by scientists studying the red rain samples in neighboring Kerala, either. “Kerala scientists have two theories which we share: That the red rain has been caused by algae from the ocean or from an asteroid from outer space,” she told this writer in a telephone interview.

What’s interesting about this story? Well, if scientists are coming out saying that the red rain from Sri Lanka is Alien or “Extraterrestrial”, and Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s have stated that the red rain and red rivers are caused by the red iron oxide dust from the tail of planet x, then Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s could be right again with this prediction!

As planet X makes its passage and comes closer the red iron oxide dust becomes more prevalent. Here is a quote from a newsletter:

The tail of [Planet X], as it travels out in space, meets almost no resistance. It is composed of debris attracted to trail after [Planet X] from the days when [it was first] formed, but as it travels, it picks up stragglers in space attracted to its gravitational pull. The tail has dust, gases, stones, boulders, and moons, depending on the size and composition of the entourage at any given point. Nothing much affects this out in space, on the long arc [Planet X] makes as it zooms away from Earth and floats into the darkness of outer space. All this changes when [Planet X] enters your Solar System. The Solar wind, a bombardment of radiation your eye cannot see except as light, pushes the tail outward, away from the Sun. Thus the tail [of Planet X] sweeps the Earth – dust, gases, stones and boulders all. What is the effect? The moons [of Planet X] hug close, so do not come in range, but all else is a massive onslaught on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Meteors, or falling stars, are not unknown to mankind, who can see them nightly if they persevere in their nightly watch. These flaming streaks represent a burning meteor, heated by friction and set afire by the Earth’s oxygen mantel. But what if there were no oxygen? During the passage, there is such an onslaught to the Earth’s atmosphere that the available oxygen in places is completely consumed. Heated gas in the tail [of Planet X] form petrol chemicals, which when falling through the atmosphere burst into flame, a sheet of flame falling to Earth. This does more than burn every living thing it lands on – it consumes the oxygen. What has been reported by the author Velikovsky is that the Mastodon has been found frozen in the Siberian tundra, grass between its teeth, in perfect though frozen condition, as though they simply stopped breathing. They did.

The gases and dust curl toward the Earth, and are first noticeable as a fine red iron dust, turning the water a bitter blood red. Does this dust not burn in the available oxygen, and end as so many tiny flying star specs? This dust, already oxygenated, does not burn. As [Planet X] approaches for its loop around the Sun, the next notice is of a fine gravel, dropping in places like hail stones.”

Here are several videos that reveal red skies, red rain, and blood red rivers:

Yangtze River


Lebanon River

Red Rain In India

There is very little talk of these significant events on many mainstream news television shows, yet these same television networks will look the exact same news they looped in the morning, at noon, at mid-day, and at night, why is that? With the earth in a wobble, other planets slowing down and other earth changes taking place when will coverage of blood rain and rivers start getting noticed in the mainstream media?


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